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DIME Micronationalist of the Month
Established28 January 2019
EligibilityAwarded to micronationalists the Statistic-Dime board and voters deem the best of the month
StatusCurrently awarded
OrganiserStatistic-Dime Board
RelatedDime Micronationalist of the Year

Dime Micronationalist of the Month, commonly abbreviated DMM, MM or MotM, is a monthly award that features and honours a micronationalist (or a group, idea, fictional character, etc.) whom, the voters or the Dime committee (if a candidate is unopposed) deem the most influential of that month.[1] It is ran by Statistic-Dime.[2] It primarily represents the MicroWiki Sector. Since it was awarded in January 2019, it steadily grew into a highly anticipated and publicised event.[3][4] The latest winner was Sertor Valentinus for October 2020.[5]


The deciding committee—which is headed by Statistic-Dime CEO Daniel Hamilton—, with the help from community input, chooses who gets put on the final voting ballot, which goes on to get voted on by the public. The poll is usually open for between three days and a week. If the committee has only chosen one candidate, they win unopposed, with no poll taking place.

Historically, Zabëlle Skye, the creator of the award,[6] would solely decide on the candidates for the poll with community input. The poll for the winner would than be voted on by the general public.[3] For the months of August and September 2019, a monthly form which would be open all month was created so any micronationalist may nominate anyone and state their reason for doing so. One could also nominate oneself.

Non-human winners

There have been two non-human winners from various non-human nominees:


There have been three winners (including one honorary) who won as a memorial to them:

For September 2019, the first Honorary Winner was announced, who was Tian Abdurrahman. Abdurrahman passed away on 9 September 2019. He served as Governor of Barakstan from 2012 to 2014; as the fifth President of Indokistan from July 2013 until January 2014; and as Chief of Arkapore from its establishment in January 2014 until his death on 9 September 2019.[3]


Given the disproportion of male to female ratio within micronationalism as a whole, Micronationalist of the Month has been awarded to a considerably larger number of women.[citation needed]

Controversial selections

Both January 2019's Anthony Clark, the first micronationalist to receive the award, and November 2019's "You" (the micronationalist) received notable backlash.

Overview of winners

  n/a; usually to denote when no vote occurred
  Non-human winner; such as an object, topic, idea, animal, etc.
Month/Year Name Portrait Reason Votes
March 2021 New Florence Anthony Clark Drafting the 2021 Charter of the Grand Unified Micronational
Reformation of the Supreme Court of the Grand Unified Micronational
Feb 2021 Second Commonwealth of Australis Daniel Hamilton
(Born 2006)
Hosting Statistic-Dime Micronational Organisation Survey
Work in Australis
Awarded GUM Development Award for most improved micronation
29 (55.8%)
Jan 2021 Mercia Karl Friedrich
(Born 19??)
Work as a Wiki Bureaucrat
Opened a successful Patreon for users to support Wiki hosting
Successfully moved MicroWiki to another service provider with little disruption
Nominated for Nicholas Randouler Award for Outstanding Contribution to Micronationalism
6 (100%) [a]
Dec 2020 n/a n/a There was no winner for December due to Dime Micronationalist of the Year. n/a
Nov 2020 Austenasia Andrew
(Born 1999)
Work as a MicroWiki@Discord administrator
Organisation of the first administration feedback survey
14 (56%)
Oct 2020 West Sayville Sertor Valentinus
(born 2002)
Opening of the La Salle Convention
Diplomatic work in West Sayville
Wiki editing and research
Sep 2020 Commonwealth of Naveria Casper von Naveria
(born 2004)
Cultural work in Naveria
Diplomatic outreach
Editing on MicroWiki
15 (40.5%)
Aug 2020 Maria Birch
Political work in Misberia
Cultural influence
Legacy following her passing
Jul 2020 Empire of Paravia Patrick Renwick
(born 2002)
Efforts during Concordiagate
Elected Vorsitzender in the August 2020 Abeldane executive election
Political and leadership skills
Jun 2020 Uber-Essian Union Newton von Uberquie
(born 1998)
File:Newtonvonuberquie 1.jpg Reign as Emperor of Abelden
Elected for a third term to be the Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational
Foundation of the Uber-Essian Union
12 (41.3%)
May 2020 Otto Gillespie Birch
(born 2001)
Defended against an attempted coup in Misberia
Reestablishment of Misberia
Founded the New England Sector
Intermicronational diplomacy
Apr 2020 Principality of Squamily and Friends Nicholas Randouler
Work in the GUM
Sister Cities Program
Co-organised the 24 Hour Quorum (2020)
Created the Monthly MicroWiki Micronationalists Power Index
Elected Stellvertreter in the Abelden March 2020 executive election
14 (37.8%)
Mar 2020 Gymnasium State Tomáš Falešník
(born 2004)
Hosted the 2020 MOF Games
Elected the Secretary of the Union of Micronations of Central Europe
Appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in Mekniy
Editing on MicroWiki
Feb 2020 Principality of New Eiffel Prince Zabëlle I
(born 2004)
Appointed a wiki administrator
Work in the GUM
Editing on MicroWiki
1 Year anniversary of Dime Micronationalist of the Month
9 (42.9%)
Jan 2020 Aenderia Jayden Lycon
(born 2005)
Co-founded DIME Magazine
Created the Micronationalist of the Year award
Helpful work in the community
Editing on MicroWiki
15 (39.5%)
Dec 2019 n/a n/a There was no winner for December due to Dime Micronationalist of the Year. n/a
Nov 2019 You [b] n/a
Oct 2019 Kohlandia Catherine I
(born 1980)
Writer of The Daily Micronationalist
Positive influence on the community
Work on Kohlandia
10 (55.6%)
Sep 2019 Zenrax Shiro of Zenrax
(born 1991)
File:Shiro of ZenraxCrop.jpeg Recreation of Zenrax
Elections in Zenrax
Helpfulness and positive influence on the community
Work in the GUM
12 (44.4%)
Aug 2019 Grand Duchy of Flandrensis Niels I, Grand Duke of Flandrensis
(born 1988)
Head of state of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
Positive influence on the community
Co-founder of the Antarctic Micronational Union
Peace efforts in the community
Founder of the Union Against Micronational War
13 (43.3%)
Jul 2019 Kingdom of Wyvern Bradley, Duke of Dullahan
(born 1993)
Elected for a third term to be the Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational
Announced more regular Quorums
Positive influence on the community
8 (66.7%)
Jun 2019 Adammia Adam I
(born 1998)
Served as GUM chair from 7 July 2018 until 1 July 2019
Organised the Birmingham Summit
Oversaw the adoption of the Wrythe Convention
Made the GUM more active
Oversaw the transition of the GUM from it's previous platform Skype to Discord
Led to a large increase in membership
May 2019 Suzuki Leōcor
(born 1996)
Third Annual Drunkiz Gadurō Micronational Flag Contest
Work in San Dover
8 (47.1%)
Apr 2019 MicroWiki@Discord Administrators 5 (100%)
Mar 2019 Austenasia Lady Admiral Vera Hewitt
(born 1999)
File:Joseph Caesar.jpeg Re-elected Prime Minister of Austenasia
Accredited work as Prime Minister
4 (66.7%)
Feb 2019 Hutt River Province Principality Leonard I
Passing of Prince Leonard, first prince and founder of Hutt River n/a
Jan 2019 New Florence Anthony Clark Establishment of New Florence
Expert legal knowledge
Contributions to MicroWiki

Voting and polling method

Almost all polls have been conducted through Google Forms. The only exceptions were March, which was manually conducted through Discord, and May 2019, which was done with Strawpoll.me. The poll was, however, rigged with voting bots, reported giving one over candidate two-hundred votes. Google Forms has since been used for every poll. The poll is commonly advertised on several Discord servers, most commonly MicroWiki@Discord.



Since it was awarded in January 2019, it steadily grew into a highly anticipated and publicised event. The award has received several endorsements from both nominees and winners.[7] Zabëlle Skye has called it both his and Statistic-Dime's most successful projects ever.

News media

Micronationalist of the Month has been mentioned on a number of journalistic sources, including The Brookside Gazette, The Micronational Times, MicroWeekly, Plushunian News Service and the Ponderosan News Agency.


Emperor Adam I of Adammia, June 2019's winner, posted on Twitter that the award was "A nice way to finish my year-long term as Chair of the GUM."[7] Jayden Lycon, January 2020's winner, mentioned the feat in the Canadian Isabelle - Shrek Super Party manifesto for the Ponderosan Hills general election.[8]


Annually on December, there is a Micronationalist of the Year, where people choose the micronationalist who was the most influential of the year.[9]

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  1. "The low amount of votes coincides with the decision to select three candidates through a nominations form, and then vote on them privately in the Statistic-Dime Council. Despite this, the Council voted to select Luxor unanimously."
  2. "You may think you have little value in the community, but everyone plays their part. Whether you fixed a small spelling mistake on the wiki, undid vandalism, helped clean up an article, or just gave someone feedback. Or just chatted on MicroWiki@Discord for 14 hours, was nice to somebody; welcomed them in the community, made someone's day, helped make someone a coat of arms or flag, partook in a survey, joined community discussions, helped keep the community safe, helped develop a micronation, or made micronational culture or media. Or if you just did nothing. Literally nothing. I am sure at least one person got something out of it. You are an important and valued member of the MicroWiki community. Never forget that."


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