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May 2020 most powerful MicroWiki micronationalist

The Monthly MicroWiki Micronationalists Power Index is an index of the most influential people in the MicroWiki Sector of the micronational community. The monthly list is compiled on their positions and what they can do in their most notable positions to influence and shape the community. At the end of each year, a yearly list is compiled.

Current Top Ten Ranking

May 2020

No. Person Position(s)
1 Flag of Adammia.svg Adam I Emperor of Adammia
former Chair of the GUM Logo of the Grand Unified Micronational.svg
2019 Micronationalist of the Year
2 Flag of Austenasia.png Jonathan I Emperor of Austenasia
MicroWiki site owner
Assosiate Justice in the GUM
3 WyvernFlagImproved.png Bradley, Duke of Dullahan Supreme Justice of the GUM
former Chair of the GUM
4 Flag of New Eiffel.svg Zarel I MicroWiki Admin
GUM Secretary for Micronational Development
Popular in the MicroWiki Sector and Discord
5 Flag of Hrafnfjallv2.png Thomas I Chair of the GUM
6 MercianFlag.png Karl Friedrich (Luxor) MicroWiki Tech and Discord Admin
Lord in Mercia
Owner of the Czech MicroWiki
7 Abeldane flag.jpg Newton Emperor of Abelden
Assosiate Justice in the GUM (Uberquiesenberg)
8 Flag of Posaf.svg Nicholas Randouler President of the MOF The MOF Logo.png
GUM Secretary of Diplomacy and Recruitment
Prince of Posaf
9 Flag of the Commonwealth of Essexia.svg Lord Matthew Vice Chair of the GUM
Organizer of the 2020 24 Hour Quorum
10 AendereseFlag.png Jayden Lycon Chair of the Cupertino Alliance Cupertinologo2.svg
Former president of the Fifth Aenderian Republic
Short listed people: Terry I of Essexia, Charles Ross, Nicoals Millan, Patrick Renwick, Joseph Kennedy,
Cameron I, Anthony Clark, Henry Clemens, Leon Montan, James Frisch, Archie Birch, Thomas Falesnik

Hisotrical Ranking


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