List of people who have received multiple DMM nominations

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Micronationalist of the Month is a monthly award given out by Zabëlle Skye (sometimes via public polling) to award micronationalists who he, or the voters deems the best micronationalist of that month, primarily but not always in the MicroWiki sector. This is a list of micronationalists who were nominated more than once.


  Indicates the nominee won one of the months
Micronationalist Months
Zabëlle Skye 3 March 2019, August 2019, February 2020
Thomas I of Hrafnarfjall 3 August 2019, January 2020, June 2020
Otto Gillespie Birch 2 January 2020, May 2020
Violette Clingersmith/Suzuki 2 April 2019, May 2019
"You" 2 June 2019, November 2019

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