Congress of Ohio Micronations

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Congress of Ohio Micronations
Flag of Congress of Ohio Micronations
Seal of Congress of Ohio Micronations
Ohio counties containing members
Ohio counties containing members
Official languagesEnglish
TypeRegional organization
Member states
• General Secretary
Carson Snyder
• Foundational Law ratified
18 October 2022
• 2023 estimate

The Congress of Ohio Micronations is a regional organization which has its membership limited to micronations primarily based in Ohio who are invited by resolution of the Congress.

The project was conceived in February 2021 by Carson Snyder of Northwood-Oregon but initial development would not begin until March 2022 when the Kingdom of Pibocip was invited to join the project. In May, drafting of the Foundational Law began and the Republic of Sawdustistan followed by the Republic of Slavtria were invited. Later, in September, the Kingdom of Cristoria would be invited. On 18 October, the Congress would legally be founded following the ratification of the Foundational Law by all invited countries. Cristoria was dissolved on 23 November 2022, effectively withdrawing from the organization.

The first session of congress took place at 4:30 PM EST on 6 January 2023 on the congress' Discord server. The congress delegates discussed the election of the General Secretary, who was decided to be Carson Snyder during the session as all delegates nominated them. The first 3 resolutions were discussed in the second half of the session, which then ended at 5:59 PM.


Member state Delegate(s) Date of ratification[a] Admittance
 Northwood-Oregon Carson I 5 October 2022[1][2][3] 18 October 2022
 Slavtria Catiko
Sawdustistan Armen Nazareen
Ethan Hendrickson
 Pibocip Phillip Joseph Pillin 13 October 2022[4]

Former members

Former member state Delegate(s)[b] Date of ratification Admittance Withdrawal
Cristoria[c] Christopher I[d] 18 October 2022[5] 18 October 2022 23 December 2022


  1. If ratified by multiple countries on the same day, they will be in order of the time of ratification.
  2. At time of withdrawal.
  3. As the Kingdom of Cristoria, which existed from 11 November 2021 to 23 December 2022.
  4. As he was known at the time.