Micronation of the Buckeye Republic

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Micronation of the Buckeye Republic
Flag of Micronation of the Buckeye Republic
Coat of arms of Micronation of the Buckeye Republic
Coat of arms
Motto: The Future
Anthem: Buckeye is Calling!!
Desteapta-te, romane!
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish Latin, German
Establishment(Republic) January 28
• Census
~ 13 At dissolution
CurrencyBuckloens/US Dollar
Time zoneEST
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Federal Republics of Ohio

The Micronation of the Buckeye Republic, more commonly known as the Buckeye Republic, was a micronation located in Franklin County, Ohio (U.S). It began as a monarchy and became a republic after a civil war. After its fall, it became the Federal Republics of Ohio.


The Buckeye Republic got its name from the Buckeye Nut that grows in Ohio. It's a national symbol.


Map of the Buckeye Republic

The Buckeye Imperium was a small empire at first, but with the Grand Council, they expanded. Due to not paying the people and other related governmental failures, Senator Nathan declared The Micronation of The Buckeye Republic. Many people did not want this, thinking a republic would destroy the country. A two-month-long civil war ensued, the Buckeye Civil War. After the civil war, the Nationalist Party Won (Senator Nathen). He removed the Council, transitioned the country into a conservative nationalist republic, and created the Buckeye Border Patrol. Two months later, a revolt occurred. The revolutionaries lost in a matter of days, however, they managed to achieve their independence. Senator Nathen expanded the nation's territory and then stopped. After, the "Gamerland" went into a civil war, and the "Buckeye Republic" took over. it was a peaceful nation.

Politics and government

There was many political parties in the government. The current ruling one is the Revolutionary Party, which is a Nationalist and National Liberal Party.

Law and Order

There was a Buckeye Law and Order Court, Buckeye National Police, and Buckeye Border Patrol.

Foreign relations

the Buckeye Republic got along with almost every Micronation.


Semi-democracy has a combination of Authoritarian values with democratic values such as elections, when the government transforms into an authoritarian regime, they usually win elections and still have democracy, compared to the fully authoritarian regimes where the elections are abolished.


Buckish Armed Forces at there peak:

  • Army: 2 1 BB Gun Rifle, 1 Rubber Band Pistol
  • Navy: None None
  • Air: 1 Helicopter Drone