Federation of the Buckeyes

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Federation of the Buckeyes
Flag of Example
Coat of arms of Example
Coat of arms
Motto: "Libertatem defendimus"
"Liberty We Defend"
Anthem: "Buckeye, Liberty's Protector"
LocationOhio, in multiple counties
CapitalDistrict of Buckeye
Largest cityColumbus
Official languagesNo official language
Recognised regional languagesEnglish, Spanish, French, etc.
Ethnic groups
  • 57.4% White
  • 29.2% African American
  • 0.2% Native American
  • 5.9% Asian
  • 6.3% Hispanic or Latino
  • 1% Other
GovernmentFederal presidential republic
• President
LegislatureFederation Congress
House of States
House of People
from the United States
• Formation
14 November 2022
• Constitution ratified
14 November 2022
CurrencyBuckeye Credit, USD
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Preceded by
Holy Ohio Empire

The Federation of the Buckeyes, more commonly known as Buckeye, and not to be confused with the defunct Buckeye Republic, is a micronation in some counties in the state of Ohio, USA. It is divided into currently three states: the State of Erie, Franklin, and Logan. There is also a district and the capital named the District of Buckeye. The nation was founded on 14 November 2022 by Cameron after abandoning his original empire for a republican (government type) of government. While it had been in the works much longer before then, the constitution only had gotten ratified on the date founded.

The government is a Federal Presidential Republic with three separate branches, while in name classified as a federation. The branches are the State Branch, Congressional Branch, and Judicial Branch. The politics of the nation are as goes: the Federal Democratic Party, or FDP, with the president in charge of it and the Independent Party.

The nation has foreign relations with the Congress of Ohio Micronations and Mhw H’pi as its ally in RBTO (Rust Belt Treaty Organization). Its foreign policy is that of international cooperativeness but also defensive in nature as in that the nation is not afraid to defend itself from attacks.


The name Federation of the Buckeyes comes from Buckeye, the state plant of Ohio, Federation which is the government type, and all together it is a federation of the buckeyes, or what the people are called in plural.


The idea for it came with the drawing out of the Russian War with Ukraine, where Russia's imperial ambition made empires look archaic to Cameron, so he started up this project and left the Holy Ohio Empire to its own devices. After months of development, the Federation of the Buckeyes took shape and soon after a constitution was written. That constitution then was signed and ratified on the 14 November 2022. The first political party to form was the United Moderate Party with the Independent Party following. On 4 May 2023, the UMP was dissolved and the Federal Democratic Party was founded.

Politics and government

The government is a Federal Presidential Republic which uses the federation name and is officially called the Federation Government. It has three branches. The first branch is the State Branch which includes the President and all executive positions. The second branch is the Congressional Branch which includes the Federation Congress, a bicameral congress split between the House of States and House of People. The third branch is the Judicial Branch which includes the High Court, the court above all courts. There is then after that the state governments and then at the lowest level the local governments. The elections for the nation use non-partisan primaries and RCV as the voting system for elections. Elections happen on 20 November. The current political parties the make up the nation are the Federal Democratic Party and the Independent Party. The Federal Democratic Party platforms on equality and mixed economy in the constitution through welfarism and regulations. The Independent Party platforms on Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Isolationism (with trade), Pro-police funding, Racial Equality, Strong Defensive Military, Religious Equality, and Anti-Monopoly policies.

Party Founded Ideology Main leader Seats in HoS Seats in HoP
2023 Social liberalism, Social democracy, Center-Left, Centrism Cam
0 / 6
0 / 5
2023 Social capitalism, Center-Right, Centrism Catalyst
0 / 6
0 / 5

Law and order

The judicial system mainly consists of the High Court, with smaller courts being established in the near future along with state police forces. Most rights of the people are guaranteed in the constitution including that of equality for all self-proclaimed genders, races, and the so. Beside the police forces, the state national guards and military are the last line of order in the country but the people still enjoy great rights.

Foreign relations

The nation is friendly to most micronations as long as they are friendly the Buckeyes. It is a part of the Rust Belt Treaty Organization, or RBTO, which is an organization that unites the rust belt region of the United States. It also has great relations with the micronation of the Grand Pharaohate of Mhw H’pi as its closest ally and part of RBTO. On the macronational stage, Ukraine is considered a Major Non RBTO Ally (MNRA) while having friendly relations with all Nato member states. It doesn't recognize the People's Republic of China and considers the Russian Federation, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and Republic of Belarus to be terrorist states. The worldwide recognized government and macronational state that Buckeye recognizes is the Republic of Korea. The worldwide unrecognized governments and macronational states that Buckeye recognizes are the Republic of China (Taiwan), Anti-Taliban Resistance, National Republican Army (Russia), National Council of Resistance (Iran), and the Belarusian Opposition Parties.


There is no conflicts currently. The military is divided into six branches: FB Army, FB Navy, FB Air Force, FB All-Terrain Force, FB Space Expedition Force, and FB Coastal Guard. The FB Army handles land operations. The FB Navy handles aquatic transport and operations both above and under water and usually operates at the lake. The FB Air Force handles all air operations and patrols Buckeye airspace. The FB All-Terrain Force handles operations on every terrain that most regular army soldiers can't and these special operations usually include aquatic troop movement. The FB Space Expedition Force all though apart of the military is more of a scientific division in the fact that no military operations are currently conducted here and that it is mostly funded for expedition and research purposes. The FB Coastal Guard is also not a branch that consists of offensive operations and drills but consists of defensive and rescue operations and drills and commits to oceanic rescues and protection of the coasts.


The economic system is a mixed economy, specifically like the ones in most European countries. There is a welfare state that provides universal healthcare, public education, and public transport. The products of the economy are regulated by the Federation Government to ensure safety of products like the addictive substances of drugs and sugar, but most of the economy for non-necessary goods is purely private enterprise. The economy is based upon state currency called the Buckeye Credit which itself is based on a fixed standard that one BC is always one gram of silver. The Federation Congress decides the prices of import and export tariffs. Taxes on the people are also set by the Federation Congress up to a certain percent by the words of the constitution.


The culture in the nation shares similar culture as the American state of Ohio with small towns, big cities, farm land, forestry, and lake and river areas. The State of Logan in the federation is very rural and country styled. It is filled with a bunch of farm land as stated in its rural description and small towns, with the share of bigger towns like Circleville. It has roots with the south and southern heritage and is politically conservative with many supporters there being for candidates like Trump and the wise. The State of Franklin is very urban with a very urban culture and politically liberal. Franklin has very accepting views of minority groups especially in the city of Columbus and suburban outskirts like Westerville and New Albany, while also slightly at the edge of the state is conservative. The State of Erie is both Urban in some spots and very wooded in others. It has a culture of that of Lake Erie where people go out to the lake for a lot of activities, urban that is like Cleveland and the such were there is a more left culture and active environment, and woodland culture of the Ohio forestry that inhabits the north and can lean either conservative (woodland and some of Lake) or liberal (urban and some of lake).

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