List of micronations in Ohio

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Micronations in Ohio

Active Ohio micronations in the 2020s

Below is a list of active, inactive, and defunct micronations within the state of Ohio, as well as micronations partially located in the state.

List of micronations in Ohio

Flag State Capital Citizens Area
Adamburg Le Ada Unknown Unknown
Dictatorship of Alissia Moston 4 Unknown
Grand Pharaohate of Mhw H’pi New Men-nefer 8 37957.10021976 ft2
Commonwealth of Greene City of Wright 9 22.08 mi2
Commonwealth of Summit Summitville 5 Unknown
Commonwealth of Ottawa Metzger 7 1.6 km2
Communist State of Tiffin River Tiffin River 1 Unknown
Democratic Oligarchy of Libertatem Regni Sui Galion 4 2.51 mi2
Duchy of Hamilton Hamilton 9 10.812 mi2
Empire of Valiasia Nestnburg 11 Unknown
Federation of Norwood Unknown 12 8025 m2
Filikigi Bird City 12 Unknown
Frizia Unknown Unknown Unknown
Grand Duchy of Danduros Unknown 6 ~2000 m2
Grand Duchy of Ohio Unknown Unknown Unknown
Grand Duchy of Rai Batori 10 0.0427 km2
Hickersonian Kaiserreich Perrysburg Unknown Unknown
Kingdom of Butler Unknown Unknown Unknown
Kingdom of Loveland Loveland Unknown 446.52 mi2
Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon 159 6.51 km2 (2.51 sq mi)
Kingdom of Pibocip Pibocip 20 0.00002 km2
Kingdom of Wabashleem Trail Wabash 6 Unknown
Occidian Empire Greenedge[a] 28 Unknown
Ohio Republic Canton 5 581 mi2
Oligarchy of Dysh Dyshstadt 12 Unknown
Principality of Caudonia Salisbury 80 Unknown
Principality of Posaf Turtle City 71 0.028328 km2
Republic of Goshen Goshen Unknown ~ 460 mi2
Republic of Mushroomia Unknown Unknown Unknown
Republic of Slavtria Studia 20 (7 residents, 13 non-residents) Unknown
Sawdustistan Sawdustigrad 55 .498 km2
South Kingdom Of West Unity West Unity 782 Unknown
Soverian Soviet Socialist Republic Vladasostock 28 Unknown
Empire of Shahawkia Tyrillym 75 Unknown
Kingdom of Shinrinia Kazami 6 Unknown

List of micronations partially in Ohio

Flag State Via Capital Citizens Area
Crystallion Kingdom Claimed Unknown Unknown Unknown
Duschvarian Reich Claimed Sachsburg 21 Unknown
Empire of Adammia Adammic Columbia Adamsville 54 179,848 m
Empire of Austenasia Hoagland Wrythe 121 ~28,102,791 ft
Highland Commonwealth Claimed Cincinnati 3 Unknown
Micronational Empire of Thebes Osirgyz New Thebes 110 Unknown
Kingdom of Atovia Duchy of Theolonia Theolonia 17 0.02 km
Kingdom of Verus Claimed Etresympa 31 Unknown
Seveiria Claimed New Saigon Unknown Unknown

List of inactive micronations in Ohio

Flag of Ohio.
Flag State Capital Citizens Area
Empirical Dyarchy of Ohio Unknown 6 ~600 ft2
Faction System of Estremitá Galion 14 1389.8 mi2
Federal Republic of Vian[b] Tamara 6 Unknown
Kalmar National Authority Fort Hermann Unknown 0.00607028 km2
Princely State of Harcourt Fort Swartz Unknown Unknown
Republic of Ataxia Unknown Unknown 0.00404686 km2
Republic of Bountiful Bountiful Unknown 0.20234282 km2
The Principality Unknown ~45 Unknown
Theocracy of Nazareth Kidron 5 145.5 mi2
United Federation of Thag Library of Thag 45 >1 km2

List of defunct micronations in Ohio

Flag State Capital Citizens Area
City-State of Azehtyl Freetown Azehtyl 7 0.5 km2
Dunsula[c] Unknown 1 0.020 km2
Federation of Bryania Bryan Unknown Unknown
Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor None 19 0.02 km2
Eastern Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Leningrad Unknown 1 km2
Eniarkian Confederation Vicis 21 Unknown
Federal Republic of St.Charlie Tor Pendente ~150 152,025 m2
Grand Duchy of Duschvaria Sachsburg 25 Unknown
Kingdom of Vian Anno 10 600 m2
New Albion None 35 0.03585 km2
Ohio Empire Beavercreek ~10 44,825 mi2
Ohio River Republic New Columbus 13 Unknown
Kingdom of Plain Unknown Unknown Unknown
Transitional Government of Escitrar Anno 9 2600 m2

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  1. The Occidian Empire has a second capital known as Persenburg.
  2. Vian's microwiki article also attests to the existence of a state called Jebkerika, though no further information on this has been found.
  3. Assumed defunct given the dissolution Union of Nova-Occitania, of which Dunsula was a member state.