Crystallion Kingdom

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Crystallion Kingdom
Freedom Star Banner Waving.jpegNational Coat of Arms.png

God Be With Us All
God Save Zefast's King
Location of Crystallion within the United States.
Capital cityFaithven (planned)
Official language(s)English, Crystalnese
Official religion(s)Christianity
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- King/QueenPrince Jaden Metz of Crystallion
LegislatureParliament (Silver House (CK's House of Commons), Gold House (CK's House of Lords))
- Type - Parliamentary Democracy
EstablishedDecember 25, 2016
CurrencyFaleon Note, Portion
Time zoneEST

The Crystallion Kingdom, commonly known as Crystallion (or CK), is a micronation in North America. Lying in a border state near the US and Canadian Border, the Crystallion Kingdom includes a small piece of Ohio, mostly digital at the moment. The small piece of property is where the Royals live.

The Crystallion Kingdom is a constitutional Monarchy with a Parliamentary Democracy. The monarch is Jaden, Prince of the Crystallion Kingdom who is Founder and Heir to the throne, who is planned to start his reign soon. The capital of the Crystallion Kingdom is currently being planned, named Faithven.

Established on December 25, 2016, as a micronation built on the goal of completing a dream to inspire the future of tomorrow's humanity. Over the years since it's formation it has been strong on growing in progress and has had many successes.

Government and politics

The CK is a Constitutional Monarchy, with a Parliamentary Democracy system and is also a Unitary State. Currently there is no government other than the 2 Royals and 3 suspected to turn royal. There shall be elections but for the first government they will most likely be chosen by Prince Jaden Metz.

Law and order

The Law and Order is currently up and coming, as well as the basic foundations of the nation

Foreign Relations

Prince Jaden Metz of Crystallion is open to making relations with other nations and is currently looking for offers.

Flag State/Nation-State Current Diplomatic Status Notes
Kingdom of Sidera (@SideraGov) Peace
Sonderan (@SonderanGov) Peace
Empire Of Sartontia (@gailih_) Peace
Islandia (@gov_islandia) Peace
People's Republic of Tupos (@Jambe1904) Peace
Ascotia (@AscotiaGov) Peace

National holidays

  • Note This does not go in order!*
Holiday Date Purpose
New Sun January 1 To celebrate the new year and the first sun of the new year, families usually feast on this day and parades usually occur
Spring Festival First Week of Spring To celebrate the arrival of Spring
Summer Festival First Week of Summer To celebrate the arrival of Summer
Hallow Fest Last Week of October Celebrating both Fall and Halloween
Valentine's Day February 14 To celebrate the love.
Founder's Day June 16 To celebrate the birthday of Prince Jaden Metz, usually there is a parade
Good Friday April 14 To commemorate Jesus Christ's crucifixion
Holy Saturday April 15 To commemorate the day when Jesus Christ lay in the tomb after his death
Easter Sunday April 16 To celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection after his crucifixion
Thanksgiving 4th Thursday of Every November To give thanks, spend time with family, and parade
Golden Hour December 24 at Midnight (first hour of Christmas) Celebrating the dead who believed and loved Jesus' journey to the afterlife and the opening of the Golden Gates, using floating candles and lanterns on all bodies of water in the Crystallion Kingdom
Christmas December 25 Celebrating the Birth of the Lord, Jesus Christ
Crystallion Kingdom Glory Day December 24 Celebrating the Birth of the Crystallion Kingdom (one day early due to Christmas)
New Year's Eve December 31 To prepare for the new year to come, military marches in parade (if the military has been formed)

Other Flags of Crystallion

Blue Star Banner (Used through the Crystalan War and one month after)
Golden Star of Crystallion (the secondary flag of the Crystallion Kingdom)


  • 1. Despite being over 2 years old, the Crystallion Kingdom has very little information to give as they are still working their best to get more things done. Crystallion Kingdom is the first nation of 5 within the Zefast Nations.
  • 2. Despite the lack of activity in the social light in 2020 do note that, as of 11/13/2020, we are still around and the crown is still strong. Coronavirus has effected the CK and her sisters states of the Commonwealth a lot this year as well as the graduation of a royal family member. Though we are silent to the world we are still very loud within our Commonwealth. Micronational comrades we haven't forgotten you!

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