Oligarchy of Dysh

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The Oligarchy of Dysh
Coat of arms
Motto: Cum potestate magna venit magnus reatus (Latin: With great power comes great debt)
Anthem: FFF
File:Northeastern Ohio, United States
and largest city
GovernmentSemi-Pseudo-Plutocratic Oligarchy
• (as of 2018 census) census
Time zone(UTC)
This nation is a member of the Example Organisation

The Oligarchy of Dysh, or simply Dysh was founded on 7 May 2014 in the student center of Mentor High School of Mentor, Ohio, USA. The idea of a society based on standard mafia rankings had been suggested by former Cuppoc Kyle George. Residing Grand Display Wyatt Campbell began to rank members of the lunch meeting promptly. Residing Cuppfá Craig Van Demark suggested the idea be turned into a micronation. From there, ideas spread about specific rankings, jobs, and government function.

From its genesis until approximately 25 February 2015 work on the development Dysh continued. After then work halted until November 2016. This period in time is referred to by current officials as "The Dark Ages". A few attempts had been made to bring the project back, such as the passing of Noract I, the first piece of government literature passed in the nation's history, which had been signed by Cuppfá Craig, Grand Display Wyatt, and temporary Cuppoc Danny on (DATE). Two years later, the micronation project had been revived for a year-long government side-project in which students can work on any project they want, relating to government or otherwise. On Friday, 6 January 2017, Chris Hasak had been chosen to be the new Cuppoc.