Democratic Oligarchy of Libertatem Regni Sui

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Democratic Oligarchy of Libertatem Regni Sui
Libertatem Flag.jpg
National flag

Libertas, Beatitudinis, et Spem (Latin: Freedom, Happiness, and Hope)
Map of LRS.JPG
Ohio, United States
Capital cityGalion
Largest cityGalion
Official language(s)English, Latin
GovernmentDemocratic Oligarchy
Established7 August 2016
Area claimed2.51 sq mi
CurrencyUS Dollar ($)
National sportAmerican Football
National animalDeer

The Democratic Oligarchy of Libertatem Regni Sui is a micronation founded on 7 August 2016.


Libertatem Regni Sui is Latin for ‘His Freedom Kingdom’. The Overwatch originally named the nation Libertatem Regni Sui thinking it meant Freedom’s Reign.


Foundation and Constitutional Convention

On 7 August 2016 at 11:56 AM, Overwatchers Lodovice, Areseal, Beatrix, and Mason W. got together and set up the framework for LRS. They set up things such as the national motto, language, and government. Later that night, Lodovice continue working to fine tune the government.

New Surge

This is a new era when the Overwatch continued to set up and further bring change and stability to Libertatem.

Government and politics

National government and politics

The nation is ran by an Overwatch council which is composed of two tiers. The first tier is the greater Overwatch. The Greater Overwatch is composed of five Overwatchers who run the nation over all. The Second tier is the lesser Overwatch. The plan is four lesser Overwatchers to one Greater Overwatcher to serve as their advisers. The Lesser Overwatch also has a say in voting for laws that aren’t major in the nation.

Overwatch Departments


Mason W. - Homeland Security, Defense

Lodovice - Attorney General



Executive Order Act of February 2017 - Passed on 2/5/17

Law and order

The Overwatch is yet to set up a Police and Judicial system.

Foreign relations

Libertatem is yet to start foreign relations.


Overwatcher Mason W. has been set with the task of organizing a military.

War Clock Countdown

1/3/2017: 1 hour until Midnight


Past Conflicts

Current Conflicts


There is currently no economy in Libertatem. There is no current plan for an economy to be set up.


The language Liber Latin is currently being created by the Overwatch. Cultural plans will be handled in the future by the Overwatch.


The government is currently working on creating a newspaper. Videos on YouTube will be uploaded by the Government.


It's modeled after the American flag with the Roman Eagle in the upper left square.

Version 1

This flag was but into place on 7 August 2016.


To contact the Democratic Oligarchy of Libertatem Regni Sui please use the following email.

Estremitá Government:

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