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—  Territory of Austenasia  —


Motto: Deo confidimus
("In God We Trust")
Established 17 January 2014 (as New Normandy)
10 July 2017 (as Hoagland)
 - Governor Lord Grant Hawkins, Count of Greater Hoagland
 - Total 0.00136 km2 (0 sq mi)

Hoagland is a Territory of the Empire of Austenasia located south of the American city of Cleveland, Ohio, comprised of an area of uninhabited grassland. Although it has no inhabitants, Austenasian law is enforced by its Governor, Lord Grant Hawkins.


The name Hoagland is an alternate version of the land's former name, Hoogland, which in turn is from the Afrikaans word meaning "highland".



This region was most likely inhabited by the Erie people before the mid-seventeenth century, and became part of Ohio in 1803. As much of what is now Hoagland is under wires from an electrical grid, land was cleared in 1998 by the electrical company to access the wires on the grids. Many people took advantage of this opportunity and cleared land for fields. In 2006 a housing development was proposed, but was quickly rejected for a number of reasons. Historical satellite images reveal that a road gave direct access to the field in 1952, but had been overgrown by 1967. The field was used for practicing sports until 2014, when it became New Normandy.

New Normandy was founded as a colony of West Germania by Grant Hawkins on 17 January 2014, declaring independence from the United States of America. However, in September later that year, Hawkins declared independence from West Germania due to a lack of communication from its leader, renaming New Normandy the Empire of Nova Atlantis. On 11 January 2015, the now independent land joined Adammia as the colony of Adammic Columbia.

After a year and a half in Adammia, Hawkins renamed the land Hoogland and declared allegiance to the Holy Roman Empire. However, on 14 November 2016 this decision was reversed, and the territory returned to Adammia as Adammic Columbia until 10 June 2017.


After some time as a terra nullius which had de facto returned to the United States of America, the territory - now renamed Hoagland - was annexed by the Empire of Austenasia by the request of Hawkins, who as then Pontifex Maximus was known as Pope Euclid I in the Empire. Hawkins was appointed Governor and Baron of the land, which was received as an Austenasian Territory due to having no permanent population.