Empire of Nova Atlantis

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Empire of Nova Atlantis

2014 — 2015

Flag of Nova Atlantis.png
Coat of Arms

Capital cityTBA
Largest cityTBA
Official language(s)TBA
Official religion(s)TBA
DemonymNova Atlantian
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- EmperorGrant I
Established17 January 2014
Population2 citizens
1 honorary citizen


The Empire of Nova Atlantis was a micronation founded on 17 January 2014.


The idea for Grant I starting his own micronation came to be in early January 2014. To get a good idea of how to start one Emperor Grant I watched the BBC documentary How to Start Your Own Country. On 17 January 2014 The Colony of New Normandy was formed. The Colony of New Normandy was an overseas territory of the Saxon Kingdom of West Germania. Emperor Grant I was appointed as head governor of the Colony. In March 2014 school and work had caused Emperor Grant I to stop work on the colony of New Normandy. Communications also were poor on both ends. In September 2014 Grant I had declared independence via email. School had still managed to get into the way and the Empire of Nova Atlantis had seized. It would end up joining the Empire of Adammia.

Foreign Relations

No foreign relations were established during the brief time of activity.


The government of the Empire of Nova Atlantis was an absolute monarchy.