Federal Republic of Vian

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Federal Republic of Vian
Motto: Alls Fair In Love And War
Anthem: Undecided
Largest cityHowell
Official languagesGerman, English
GovernmentFederal Republic
• Prime Minister
Nikolaj I
• President
Tanaja I
LegislatureVianese Senate
Establishment15 July 2010
• Census
CurrencyUS dollar
Time zoneEastern Standard Time
Succeeded by

Vian, officially the The Federal Republic of Vian or The FR Vian is a territorial North American Anglophone micronation which is located formerly in the state of Ohio in the USA. It was established in 2010.Vian is classified as a Bricks and Mortar, Tiny, Statehood — 6th World Nation by the Bloodlesmythe-Tallini Scale.

At the time of its founding Vian was one of three micronations in Ohio: The Ohio Empire, Jebkerika and Vian.

Origin of The Name Vian

Vian was named when Samuel I went to Nikolaj I house to work on an unnamed micronation they were forming. They sat around for over 2 hours making up names. Vian was the only one they could agree on.



The area that would later become Vian was originally settled in 1788 by John Cleves Symmes and a few others as Losantiville. In 1790 Arthur St. Clair renamed Losantiville Cincinnati, in honour of The Society of Cincinnati. Skippining ahead a couple of generations Sir Samuel I would lead a small revolution declaring independence for his and Sir Nikolkaj I houses.


In early April 2010, "Samuel I" became interested in the prospect of micronationalism. He originally met with his friend Nikolaj I where they decided a micronation would be a fun endeavor. Over the next month they would meet and decide on many things for the nation that would eventually become known as Ohio, specifically the Empirical Dyarchy of Ohio.

Samuel I leaned towards a liberal multi-party democracy while Nikolaj I leaned towards a Absolute Monarchy/Dictatorship. They settled on a mix developed by Samuel I via a nation with two equal leaders: A democratically elected Chancellor (Nikolaj I was not very fond of having a "President") and a hereditary Emperor/Empress. Parliament was elected by allowing people to vote for political parties using proportional voting. On 27 May 2010 the EDO was officially formed. The declaration of independence was writen and sent to The Ohio Empire. War was never pursued and talks of an alliance occured. The military was formed soon after. After a couple of days The Liberal Democratic Party was formed with The Emperor as its only member. In late may after summer brake had been going on for a few days HIH Chancellor and Crown Prince Nikolaj I left on a vacation.


From June 1, 2010 to July 15, 2010 Vian would be reformed into a Federal Republic. The monarchy had no supporters and The Federal Republic brought in a change that was accepted by all as a good thing.

First Election

For More Information, visit Vianese Executive Election 2010

Officially "The Vianese Executive Election 2010", the positions of Prime Minister and President were up for grabs. Samuel I and Nikolaj I ran against each other for the position of Prime Minister, Samuel I running as a candidate endorsed by the liberal Leftist Party of Vian, Him being the Chairman of the LLPV and Nikolaj I running also as an independent, however he ientifies with The LLPV. Justin I and Tanaja I were the only candidates running for president. Nikolaj I and Tanaja I won the elections, with Nikolaj I winning by one vote and Tanaja I winning by over 5 votes.

System of Government

Vian is a Federal Republic. The Prime Minister is the head of government and carries out executive work. The President is the head of state and cairies out ceremonial duties. The parliament votes on laws proposed by any person in the nation.


For More Information, visit Politics of Vian

The Liberal Leftist Party of Vian (LLPV), which is currently the only political party in the nation, leads the nation. The Prime Minister of The Federal Republic is elected every July by universal suffrage each year, with a campaign that starts in June and ends on July 20. The lections start the same day. The President is elected in the same way and at the same time as the Prime Minister.

Foreign Affairs

Vian recognizes nations that sign a mutual recognition pact with Vian. Vian also recognizes a select few micronations that were automatically recognized. After the first time the list was released it was not changed.

Nations That Were Automatically Recognized By Vian

Nations that Recognize Vian (No Official Treaty Signed)

Nations That Have Signed A Mutual Recognition Pact With Vian

Nations That Have Signed A Non Agression Pact With Vian

Nations That Have Signed A Different Type of Pact/Treaty With Vian

Intermicronational Organizations Vian Belongs To


There is no formal military in Vian at this point, however a revolutionary militia styled as The Vianese Revolutionary Militia is in place to keep order in Vian until a true military can be established. Though the military is not yet formed Nikolaj I and Sam I are trying to start a fund for the military.

Geography And Climate

Vian is approximately 15000 sq. feet, comprised of two Provinces. Vian has a very temperate climate, with rare extreme temperatures. Vian experiences many large storms each year, but none have ever done any real damage.