Theocracy of Nazareth

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Theocracy of Nazareth

National Flag
Motto: Love Thy Neighbor

Ohio, United States
Largest cityWooster
Official languagesEnglish
• Superintendent
LegislatureNazarene Congress
Establishment18 May, 2015
• Census
5 (as of founding)
CurrencyUS Dollar ($)

The Theocracy of Nazareth is a micronation founded on 18 May 2015. They were originally a province of the Faction System of Estremitá, but the Nazarene won the Nazarene Revolution.


Nazareth was named after the city of Nazareth in Israel, which associated with Jesus Christ.


Nazareth Province

On 13 May 2015, the Nazareth Province was founded in Estremitá as the Bantoon Province. Everyone was happy for two days. On 15 May 2015, the Nazarene citizens sent an online petition to Councilor Kyle Williams to change the name of the Bantoon Province to the Nazareth Province. Councilor Williams allowed this, since he was a follower of the Nazarene religion, but he insisted since they were citizens the Nazareth Province had to follow the Faction System's culture. This angered the citizens so they took action on the same day as the petition.

Nazarene Revolution

On 15 May 2015, the citizens of the Nazareth Province declared independence from Estremitá. Estremitá refused to recognize them. Nazarene rebels attacked Neutral Wooster to annex it but was met by Dauntless (Estremitian) troops. This started the Battle of Wooster and the Nazarene Revolution. The Estremitian troops won the Battle of Wooster and annexed Wooster for Estremitá.

Nazarene troops didn't give up. They marched right back into Wooster, starting the Second Battle of Wooster. This ended when they took of the Estremitian Base at the Wooster City Hall. Wooster was in Nazarene control.

Nazarene troops marched from Wooster and took West Lincoln Way and marched right into the main territory of Estremitá. By the end of the day Estremitian troops pushed Nazarene troops back into Wooster. From 16 May to 18 May, there was no conflicts between the two. Estremitá recognized Nazarene independence on 18 May 2015.

Eulini-Catan War

On 21 May 2015, Nazareth declared war on Catan and Estremitá, who was already apart of the war. Nazareth then attacked Estremitá, creating the Western Front of the Eulini-Catan War. By the end of the day, Nazareth had an advantage over the Estremitians.

That advantage ended on 22 May 2015 when started fighting back after the Nazarene's failed Invasion of Mansfield. The Dauntless Army took most of the Nazarene's Military Camps and started invading Nazareth.

On 28 May 2015, Nazareth took Estremitá's colony of Columbus.

Government and Politics

The Monarch of Nazareth is God. The person who is looked as God's representative in the nation is the Superintendent. The Legislative Branch is the General Assembly.

Our laws are in the Bible (New International Version). WE also believe in the Articles of Faith.

Law and Order

The General Assembly function as our judges. We operate a volunteer police force.

Foreign Relations

The Theocracy of Nazareth currently has no foreign relations with other nations.


Nazareth has a volunteer military. The ranks are currently being developed. The Army currently relies on water balloons and water guns.


Past Conflicts

Nazarene Revolution: 15 May 2015 – 18 May 2015

Current Conflicts

Eulini-Catan War: 21 May 2015–Present


Nazareth currently has no economy.


Nazareth goes by Nazarene-Christian culture.


Nazareth currently has no form of media.



To contact the Nazareth Government, please use the following email:

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