Republic of Ataxia

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Republic of Ataxia
Flag of Republic of Ataxia
LocationOhio, United States
Official languagesEnglish
• Head of State
The Legend
Establishment16 May 2013
• Census
CurrencyUS Dollar

The Republic of Ataxia is a North American micronation founded on 16 May 2013. It is an enclave republic of the United States.


Ataxia was founded on May 16, 2013. It was only somewhat active for about a month before intelligence explained that Ataxia lay within the Ohio Empire; this forced the country to declare a flag and to distinguish itself from the surrounding Ohio Empire that claimed the entire state. The nation continued to build itself slowly over the next several months, transitioning into its current government and culture.

Government and Politics

Ataxia is a military authoritarian state, under a head of state known as The Legend. The Legend is the highest power in Ataxia, acting as Military Tribunal and as the nation’s executive power, power which trickles down to an acting Minister, whose responsibility it is to relay information further down the chain of command.

Although The Legend has the last word in all affairs of state, an elected Senate of officers vote upon legislation in order to give The Legend an accurate representation of the wishes of the Ataxian people.

Law and order

The Legend also acts as the law of the land, providing both judge and jury in legal matters, and holds the right to pardon or exile or ban an accused.

Personal liberties are dear to Ataxian culture. Rights to liberty, pursuit of happiness, to privacy and freedom of expression are guaranteed under Ataxian law.


Ataxia is by definition a military republic, dedicated to defense of the nation’s values and way of life. The Legend acts as Military Tribunal, but vigilantism for the sake of the country is encouraged of all citizens. Borders remain under constant watch and any threat is handled quickly and efficiently.


Ataxia’s libertarian ideals of self-sufficiency and self-preservation are at the heart of the nation’s cultural identity.