Republic of Bountiful

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Republic of Bountiful
Flag of Republic of Bountiful
Coat of arms of Republic of Bountiful
Coat of arms
Motto: Praises to the Father
Anthem: Come to Jehovah's Moutain
Bountiful Claims in Red
Bountiful Claims in Red
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentTheodemocratic Unitary Republic
• President
Joseph Patterson
LegislatureGeneral Council
Establishment21 February 2013
• Census
CurrencyBountiful Dollar
Time zoneEastern Standard Time

Bountiful, officially the Republic of Bountiful is a territorial theocratic micronation with territories centralized in the Ohio Region. Currently, the Government of Bountiful is working on the creation of a Constitution that might build the Ideal Christian Society.

Bountiful is considered to be very similar to Early Utah and the Vatican City, although none of these have ever been officially claimed. In March 2013, Joseph Patterson was elected to the Office of President of Bountiful. The de-facto capital of Bountiful is Fort Jericho, there are plans to build a new capital city in the future.


The word Bountiful in English means either giving generously, particularly to less fortunate people, or to having plenty in supply. Officially, the Republics name has nothing to do with the Ancient City of the same name mentioned in the Book of Mormon, or that of the Mormon Community in British Columbia, Canada. The Name was chosen, out of both is meaning for a brighter future, and for how it reflects the mission of the Joseph Patterson.


The Republic of Bountiful is officially a Theodemocratic state. Theodemocrasy is a term coined by Joseph Smith when describing an ideal community. Theodeomcrasy is a combination of a Theocracy and a Democratic State. Thus all laws that are passed must also be within the Laws of God. According to the Community Protection Act of 2013; No person may found or continue the practices of political parties. National Unity must be kept through individuals and there independent ideals.


The Current President of Bountiful is Joseph Patterson. The President acts as both a representative figure and one of power. He has the ability to pass or to veto laws that were passed by the General Assembly, as well as the ability to establish Executive Orders, of which do not need to be approved by the General Assembly. The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Bountiful Legion.

General Council

The General Council is the official Legislature of the Republic of Bountiful. Led by a Chairman, the Councils sole responsibility is to ensure a peaceful life for the residents of Bountiful, through the creation of Laws and Acts. Each member of the General Council has assigned to them, a Ministry to act as the Director of for the reign of there tenure.

Foreign Relations

The Republic of Bountiful recognized various micronations in which it signs a Treaty of Mutual Recognition with. No micronation that has not signed such a treaty is recognized officially by the Government.

Bountiful Legion

The Bountiful Legion is the official Armed Forces of the Republic. All people between the ages of 18 and 22 are required to serve for atleast two years, then remain in the Reserves until the age of 65. The Legion is currently lacking both leadership and membership, but is expected to grow extensively in the next few months.

National Holidays

Date English Name Remarks
1 January New Year's Day
21 February Independence Day Day to commemorate the establishment of Bountiful
21 April Legion Day In honor of the Bountiful Legion
4th Thursday in November Day of Thanksgiving A day set aside for giving thanks
24 December Christmas Eve
25 December Christmas Day
31 December New Years' Eve

National Symbols

The Flag of Bountiful consists of two equal horizontal stripes of light blue, representing the sky, and one stripe of white, representing purity. The Coat of Arms contains a blue olive branch around it symbolizing peace through unity, and the Center shield bears a Cross with open arms, that shows the Nations Christian Faith.