City-State of Azehtyl

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City-State of Azehtyl (en)
Hazetilu'gr' Tesco'rutl (vl)
Город-Государство Азетил (ru)


To Feel is to Live
Dots indicate FS Renasian Claims, Azehtyl in Green
Capital cityFreetown Azehtyl
Largest cityMt. Battie Colony
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
DemonymAzehtyl'n / Azehtylik
GovernmentDirect Democratic/Anarchist Freetown
- GuideSamuel Azehtyla
LegislatureThe Azehtyl Forum
Area claimed0.5km²
Time zone(EST)
National sportFencing
National animalTardigrade
Patron saintSt. McKenna
This nation is a member of the Free State of Renasia

The City-State of Azehtyl (Veletan: Hazetilu'gr' Tesco'rutl, Russian: Город-Государство Азетил,) officially Azehtyl SAR, is a Special Autonomous Region (SAR) of the Free State of Renasia that is an Enclave of the United States. It is the latest in the line of Vianite Micronations, centered around the Cincinnati, Ohio in the United States, which have existed since 2010. It also holds territories near Mount Battie.

Azehtyl is led by it's Guide, currently Samuel Azehtyla. It is a custom for all Guide's to take the national name as their last name. Azehtyl is composed of two interlinked entities, The International Tribe of All Azehtyl'ns and the City-State of Azehtyl. The ITAA is a stateless entity tasked with preserving the Azehtyl'n and Asi-Gisha Culture and Customs. The position of Chief of All Azehtyl'ns is a lifetime position, however it is elected democratically. The City-State of Azehtyl itself is a Direct Democratic Freetown, inspired by the likes of Freetown Christiania.

Etymology and demonym

The name "Azehtyl" derives from Acetyl in the chemical O-Acetylpsilocin, a chemical that has spiritual importance in Azehtyl'n Paganism and other areas of Azehtyl Society. The most commonly used demonym is Azehtytl'n, however in the past it has been common to see Azehtylik used; both are acceptable in official usage.


Azehtyl'ns are majority Atheist/Agnostic, with a small minority of Tǣina'āsætilu Practitioners. Azehtyl's population is majority caucasian, descending from a mess of countries in Northern and Western Europe. Azehtyl's citizens are almost entirely left leaning in the political spectrum.