Princely State of Harcourt

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Princely State of Harcourt
Flag of Harcourt.svg Coat of arms harcourt.JPG
Flag Coat of Arms
Map harocurt.JPG
Harcourt capital in black, Harcourt claims in red.
National Anthem:
"Song of the Harcourtians"
This We'll Defend
Capital Fort Swartz

Official languages English

Demonym Harcourtian

Government Constitutional and

Federal Monarchy

Prince William I
Chancellor Office Vacent

Legislature Harcourt Princely Commission
Seats 4

– Established February 5, 2012

– Citizens Classified

Currency U.S. dollar ($)

National Religion Roman Catholic Church

Date formats Government website

Harcourt, officially the Principality of Harcourt, is a territorial Micronation in North America. It is located primarily in the American State of Ohio. On February 5, 2012 HRH Prince William I founded Harcourt, as a Principality, on a small estate now known as Fort Swartz.


In early February 2012 Price William I founded Harcourt at an estate known as Fort Swartz. This government soon fell. In November of that same year, Price William reestablished the government, with plans to rewrite the constitution and rebuild the capital.

Government and politics


The Executive branch consists of the Office of the Prince, in communication with the Harcourt Princely Commission.

The Legislative branch consists of the Harcourt Princely Commission.


Monarchical styles of
The Prince of Harcourt
Coat of arms harcourt.JPG
Reference style His Eminence
Spoken style Your Eminence
Alternative style Sire

The Prince of Harcourt, officially titled His Eminence, Prince William I, Prince of the Princely State of Harcourt, Servant of the Servants of the Eternal Father, Defender of the Faith. The Duties of the Prince are similar to that of the Pope of Rome, and an earlier King of England.


The National Legislature is the Harcourt Princely Commission. It is currently led by the Chairman, who is appointed by the Prince. the Commissioners serve a term of no longer than two years.

Law and order

The laws of the Principality of Harcourt are similar to those of Confederate Ireland and the United Kingdom. The courts of Harcourt are outlined in her constitution. The Royal Supreme Court, being the highest, is to include 3 justices.

Security and Defence

Harcourt follows a policy of neutrality although there is currently a Royal Guard, there is a possibilty that the army will abolished.


There are currently a grand total of six citizens of Harcourt, according to the national census. In order to become a citizen one must go to the national governemts website and fill out a form for full citizenship.


As a result of its small size, Harcourt has been strongly affected by external cultural influences, most notably those originating in the southern German-speaking areas of Europe, including Austria, Bavaria, and Switzerland.

National Holidays

Date English Name Remarks
1 January New Year's Day
8 January Norton Day Day to commemorate Emperor Norton
5 February Harcourt Day Day to commemorate the founding of our nation
23 April St. George Day
29 April Armed Forces Day In honor of the Harcourt Guard
29 June Sovereign day The celabration of the Birthdate of our Prince
3 October German Unity Day Military Parade, Presidential Dinner
22 November Thanksgiving National holiday
24 December Christmas Eve Midnight Mass
25 December Christmas Day
31 December New Years' Eve

National Symbols

The current flag of the Principality consists of three equal horizontal bars. From top to bottom these include one of black, one of red and one of blue. The national coat of arms includes that of a double-headed Eagle, with the flag turded 90 degrees and in the shape of a sheild.

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