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Territory of Tammarack
(Italian) Territorio di Tammarack

2010 — 2011

Tammarack Official Flag.pngTammarack Variant Flag.png

Patria, Virta, Victoria! (English: Homeland, Virtue, Victory!)
Map stc commonwealth.png
The Federal Republic in dark green, Permanent Territories in red
Official language(s)English, Italian
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentRepresentative Democracy
- Prime MinisterAlexander Reinhardt
- PresidentLisa Cassidy
- GovernorSamuel Azehtyla
LegislatureSt.Charlian Parliament
Established16 November 2010
Area claimed400m²
Time zone(UTC-5)
National drinkHot Chocolate
National animalSiamese House Cat

The Territory of Tammarack (Italian: "Territorio di Tammarack") is the third territory to be accepted into the St.Charlian Commonwealth, it was formally a Territory until declaring independence in April [2011]. It gained its acceptance of November 16, 2010.

Geography of The Territroy

The territory is about 75% developed with a medium sized brick house (The Governors Palace) dividing the two main areas of the territory, The Eastern Portion and The Western Portion. The western portion has a stone path lined with bushes that goes through it. The WP borders a US railway and a US street. The WP is composed of about 80% grass. The EP is the most interesting of the two and contains a fish pond, a small pool a wood-fired bread oven, a treehouse, vegetable gardens, Trade Square and a large hedge and fence line that marks the US - St. Charlie border. The EP is composed of about 40% grass. The Governors Palace lies between the two portions and his the residence of The territorial governor, HQ of the Tammarack Sheriffs Department and center of pretty much everything that goes on in Tammarack.

The Flag

There are two versions of the flag, with the star and without. The flag with star shows the lands association with St. Charlie and is meant to be flown when The Prime Minister/President of St. Charlie, a MP, a commonwealth official, the territories governor or any member of cabinet is at the territory. The second variant can be flown by any member of the territory at any time anywere.