Empire of Valiasia

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Empire of Valiasia

Respect us
Capital cityNestnburg
Largest cityNestnburg
Official language(s)English
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- EmperorGaberiel I
EstablishedFeb 19 2017 (Claimed)
Area claimedunknown
Population11 as of feb 2017 Itsucks
CurrencyAmerican USD
Time zoneEST
National drinkRootbeer
National animalCapybara

The Valiasian empire Rules over parts of northeast and central Ohio Its is Ruled by Emperor Gabriel I.The Ruling house Nestinger has two heirs to the thrown Prince Aaron-Ralph and Prince Ben the young brothers to the emperor.The history is that Cameron of the valley legion (cousin to emperor) and Prince Ben were fighting over control of The Kingdom Until Gabriel stepped in ended the conflict and took over