Holy Ohio Empire

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Holy Ohio Empire
Flag of Holy Ohio Empire
Coat of arms of Holy Ohio Empire
Coat of arms
Motto: Ave Imperator (Latin: Hail Emperor!)
Anthem: N/A
and largest city
Other languagesEnglish, Spanish, Latin, French, German
Legislaturemilitary dictatorship
Establishment22 April 2022
• Total
1,410 km2 (540 sq mi)
Time zone(EST)
Calling code+1
Succeeded by
Federation of the Buckeyes

The Holy Ohio Empire, more commonly known as Ohio, was a micronation in Franklin County, Ohio. It was an elective monarchy located in Franklin County with its capital in Columbus. The Declaration of the Formation of the Holy Ohio Empire was made in April 2022 and was ratified by the emperor on the 22nd, with the formation of the First Imperial Council. Within a few minutes, the first two political parties became alive, with the Ohio Christian Moderates and the Vaulticans. The empire claims all of Franklin County and respects other Ohio Micronations.

The emperor has all of the power within the empire except for what power is limited in the DFHOE. The emperor was also required to make an imperial council with at least 3 members, though the emperor doesn't have to listen to them. The First Imperial Council is made up of Cameron I's friends Councilmen Madison, Mark, and others. The right to political parties was guaranteed in the DFHOE, which caused the birth of the first two political parties, aforementioned in the first paragraph.

The emperor, Cameron I, has resigned and was currently under election.


Comes from the name of the US state Ohio and and the holy empire part from the Holy Roman Empire of old, though the HOE is more centralized than the HRE.


In early April, a teen named Cameron had the idea of a micronation after knowing about them for many years. The Ohio Empire was his first idea, though it was taken so it was made a holy empire, since he is a non-denominal Christian. He then set up everything for his nation including the Declaration of the Formation of the Holy Ohio Empire, or the DFHOE. This was ratified on April 22, 2022, when outside of the Catholic school he went to, met up with his friends Madison, who is a boy, and Mark. There he entered them into the First Imperial Council and together declared the Holy Ohio Empire saying, "Deus Vult." Soon after, the political discussion came up and they separated into 2 political parties though all of them still apart of the Imperial Council and Cameron I, the emperor of Ohio. Across the summer of 2022, the empire developed a discord for communications, passport, currencies, and more.

On October 16, 2022, Emperor Cam I announced his resignation as emperor in order to pursue a new purely republican (government type) of nation. The election was supposed to be an interparty one between the members of the Vaultican Roman Catholic Party, because the Ohio Christian Moderates were dissolved too.

Also on October 16, 2022, Madison of the Imperial Council declared a military dictatorship with himself and other military leaders on top.

Politics and government

The government was based of the DFHOE. The emperor holds absolute power in the empire except for the rights guaranteed to the people in the DFHOE. The emperor also has a mandatory Imperial Council which can help to advise him and that he can if he wishes put responsibilities onto, though all power in the end was still his. The emperor's term lasts two years until which afterward a six month election was held, but there was no term limit. The first of the two political parties in the empire was the Ohio Christian Moderates, or CMs for short. It claims to be an all Christian party though is currently dominated by Protestants. The party claims to want to maintain moderate tax rates that are not to high and not to low. It also claims its support for the equal rights of all races, genders, and sexes. It finally claims to want to maintain Christian unity within the empire with balances between Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, and Orthodoxy. The other party that has formed is the Vaultican Roman Catholic Party, or the Vaulticans for short (Combination of Vult from Deus Vult and Vatican). They are host to all of the policies and beliefs that the Roman Catholic Church holds and want to integrate those beliefs into the empire. They are also a more militarist leaning party, invoking the spirit of the past crusades. As of 16/10/2022, the CMs have been dissolved.

Foreign relations

The Holy Ohio Empire has no foreign relations.


The military is ultimately controlled by the emperor, though as of 2022, Cameron I has appointed Madison of the 1st Imperial Council to manage the military. Discussions will further continue to form a proper army with corps, divisions, etc.

Geography and climate

Located in Franklin County, Ohio. Here in summer it is very hot, in winter very cold, in spring varying from very cold to very hot with some moderate temperature, and in autumn being the only true mild season.

Culture and media

The empire has a very Christian culture with strong ties to Protestant traditions and Catholic Tradition in the areas it claims, though of course still has freedom of religion. Besides that though, it hosts the same kind of culture as the US with a hint of Roman culture too. The media is shared with the US except for the State News and Media which is being worked on. The empire is very supportive of multilingualism with having 5 official languages, as the 1st emperor himself knows English and is learning Spanish.