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Hickersonian Kaiserreich
The current Hickersonian flag

Prv30U98 Commodore Perry Statue.jpg
Perrysburg, OH, United States
Capital cityPerrysburg
Largest cityPerrysburg
Official language(s)English, German
GovernmentEnlightened Parliamentary Absolute Monarchy
- KaiserLord Kaiser Brayden Hickerson I
EstablishedDecember 3rd, 2018
Time zoneEST

The Hickersonian Kaiserreich is a micronation found within Perrysburg, Ohio and established on December 3, 2018. It is led by its glorious Kaiser, Lord Brayden Michael Hickerson I. He is a Kaiser very much in tune with the people of the nation. He has allowed for the establishment of the parliament, which makes the political decisions for him (of which he must approve, however).


The Republic of Hickersonia

Initially developed as a publicity stunt, Hickersonia quickly gained popularity. It was first established as the "Republic of Hickersonia" and declared independence from the United States of America on May 4, 2015. The population peaked at a total of 34, although with a large number (around 80) unofficial citizens. Due to its high population, a national newspaper was created, Hickersonia News. It was a dictatorship led by President Hickerson, and lasted until May twenty-eighth of 2016.

The Kingdom of Hickersonia

After the dissolution of the first republic, Hickersonia was revived as an elective monarchy on February first, 2017, as the "Kingdom of Hickersonia". It was at this stage of Hickersonia's existence that the idea of micronations began to spread, giving rise to several revolts, only two of which being successful. One revolt created an alliance, and the other creating a territory that would later be vassalized. The population this time reached only 25 official citizens. Although it was short lived and had a lower population, the Kingdom would oversee many improvements to the government, such as the foundation of borders, a military, diplomatic relations, a clearly defined hierarchy of power, laws, and a national forum for discussion. After losing public support, it dissolved circa May, 2017.

The Second Hickersonian Republic

After seeing the rise of other new micronations, Hickersonia was once again revived, and became known as "the Second Hickersonian Republic", on November 3, 2017. The new government was still being organized (and even had a new flag), and President Brayden was once again in power. It gained minimal traction with the public and was lost to history.

The Hickersonian Kaiserreich (Present Day)

With questions of "Where did Hickersonia go?", Brayden decided to resurrect Hickersonia for the fourth time. With a new flag and the will of Hickersonian sympathizers, the Hickersonian Kaiserreich was established on December 3, 2018. Under the threat of rebellion, the newly proclaimed Kaiser decided to create the Democratic Committee (later changed to "Parliament") of Hickersonia, with a multi-partisan composition to keep the legislature democratic.


Hickersonian Noble Titles and Peerage

===On February 5th, 2020, Kaiser Hickerson issued a decree allowing for the use of noble titles among those who had distinguished themselves in service of Hickersonia or the Kaiser (issued usually for extraordinary military service or doing a great deed for the Kaiser). They are, from smallest to greatest, as follows: Baron, Count, Earl, Margrave, Duke, and Prince, and are earned after careful deliberation by the Kaiser or Parliament. The titles carry no official authority, but make oneself a popular figurehead, be it a Barony, County, Earldom, March, Dukedom, or being adopted into the royal family.


Current Flag

The flag of Hickersonia consists of a yellow field, representing the agriculture of the area. It is outlined by two thin horizontal Prussian blue stripes, representing Lake Erie and the Maumee River. The Prussian blue stripes are further outlined by two equal height horizontal black stripes. On the left side of the yellow field is a black laurel, surrounding a white shield with a black outline. The shield is adorned with an eagle, representing the kaiser, and his role in safeguarding the continued existence of the nation. Above the shield is a Prussian blue 5-pointed star, representing the course Hickersonia must take, in it being both symbolic of the North Star, and the parliament, with each point being one of the 5 parties that must cooperate to keep Hickersonia steady.

Past Flags

The current flag is the 5th iteration in Hickersonia's history, previous designs being: The Republic - a vertical blue-green-blue bicolor, in a 1:3 ratio

The Kingdom - the flag of the republic, but with brighter blue and brighter green, also adorned by an eagle in the center

The 2nd Republic - a modified version of the flag of Prussia; the white background replaced with blue, and the black stripes replaced with green, the Prussian eagle is replaced with a simplified German Imperial eagle, and a Google translated "De Publica Secundi Hickersonian" written next to it.

Government and Politics

The Kaiser

The Kaiser of Hickersonia, exercises the power of an Absolute Monarch. However, he allows the Hickersonian Parliament to make decisions regarding Hickersonia and its denizens. Overall, he's a pretty hands-off monarch, and fills a ceremonial role despite his ability to act as the entire government. The first and current Kaiser is Lord Kaiser Hickerson I.

The Chancellor

The chancellor is appointed by the kaiser as his right-hand man. They are regent for the kaiser if the kaiser is unable to fulfill his imperial duties. The chancellor is the speaker of the Parliament, and oversees the various ministers of state. The chancellor may be removed from office by the Kaiser or by a 4/5 vote from Parliament. The current chancellor is Lord Chancellor Momberg.

The Parliament and its Parties

The Parliament is where the voting on laws regarding Hickersonia are voted upon. Members may put forth proposals, the members will discuss it, and the Chancellor will choose whether or not to bring it to the floor. If it is, it will be voted upon. A member of Parliament may be removed by losing their election, being voted out by Parliament unanimously, or by personal removal by the Kaiser. If a Member of Parliament does not wish to become part of one of the 5 parties, they may run for office as an independent candidate. Due to there being 5 different main parties, it is difficult for one party to claim a clear majority, and so they must find common ground to form coalitions with one another.

Patrioten der Krone

A right-authoritarian crown-loyalist party led by Oberreichsmeister Daniel.

Minjou Party of Hickersonia

A left-libertarian party based around the leadership of the Hickersonian political figure Minseok.

Centrist Party of Hickersonia

A centrism-based party led by Oberreichsmeister Gavin.

Authoritarian-Democratic Party of Hickersonia

A left-authoritarian party, led by Herr Naqvi.

Undecided 5th Party

A right-libertarian party, led by nobody.


If a Member of Parliament decides that their political views do not align with any of the five parties, they may choose to run as an Independent.

The Hickersonian Armed Forces

The Hickersonian Armed Forces (HAF) were officially established on January twenty-ninth, 2020, Major General Lord Pesic, who at the time held the rank of Major. It was outlined by Lord Kaiser Hickerson I, and filled in with Lord Pesic's military experience in the United Kingdom's Royal Marines Cadets.

Main Hickersonian Military Bodies

Hickersonian Army (HKA)

The HKA are the main military body of Hickersonia, and are tasked with defending Hickersonia's borders. They are headed by the OberKommandant der Wehrmacht.

Hickersonian Navy (HKN)

The HKN are tasked with keeping the waters of Hickersonia secure, as well as patrolling International Waters. They are headed by the First Sea Lord.

Hickersonian Marine Corps (HKM)

The HKM occupy Hickersonian military outposts, keep the peace internationally, and work in conjunction with the Army and Navy. They are headed by the Kommandant of the Marine Corps.

Other Hickersonian Military Bodies

Hickersonian Military Police (HKMP)

The HKMP are assigned to keeping law and order within the Hickersonian Armed Forces, under the authority of the Chancellor, though are used more often by the current Head of the Military.

Royal Legion

Referred to as 'The Iron Legion', the Imperial Guard is the personal legion of the Kaiser, made of veteran soldiers from the main armed forces who have shown valor in their service. Selected Legionnaires are given special forces training, and are tasked with protecting the Kaiser. It is worth noting that the legion has a company of Royal Hussars, trained in the use of cavalry.