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Constantia Pact
Logo of the Constantia Pact
Constantia Island
Map of Constantia Pact Member States as of 22 August 2021
Map of Constantia Pact Member States as of 22 August 2021
Named afterConstantia Island
Formation23 October 2020
(3 years ago)
FounderDaniel Hamilton
TypeInvite-only micronational organisation
HeadquartersConstantia, Swannia (de jure)
CONPACT Discord Server (de facto)
OriginsThe Fun Gang
Membership (2023)
Official language
Liam Alexander
Carson Snyder
Main organ
General Assembly

The Constantia Pact, also known as the CONPACT, is an invite-only micronational organisation established on 23 October 2020 by Daniel Hamilton as a supplementary organisation to the The Fun Gang, a micronational social group established by Hamilton on 2 October 2020. As such, the Constantia Pact was initially open exclusively to nations represented within The Fun Gang. As of April 2022, the Constantia Pact has 14 member states.

The Constantia Pact was initially established by a consortium of nations represented members of The Fun Gang, led by Hamilton and the Unified Royal States of Australis. As such, membership never exceeded 10 member states due to the 10 user limit on Discord group chats, of which The Fun Gang was based in. As a result of this, the Constantia Pact experienced varying degrees of inactivity throughout the first year of its existence. This was alleviated following the appointment of Sertor Valentinus as Chair, when Valentinus amended the membership policy in August 2021.

The Constantia Pact has seen significant growth in membership from September 2021 onwards. The Constantia Pact is often referred to as the 'Cupertino-lite', a reference to the Cupertino Alliance and the similarities in membership.[a]


The Constantia Pact was named after the Australisian (modern-day Swannia) territory of Constantia. The name was suggested by Daniel Hamilton on 18 October, who stated it resembled the word 'Constant', signifying lasting allyship between member states.

Other founding states proposed names such as the Genois Pact and the Sabiland Pact, named after territories of Garuda and Naveria respectively. These names were ultimately not adopted, in favour of the Constantia Pact.



Discussions on forming a micronational organisation originated in early October 2020 within a social group named The Fun Gang. The original concept was to create a Warsaw Pact-esque coalition consisting of the micronations participating in the said social group.

The pact was eventually founded on 23 October, and chair elections were held a couple of days later, anointing Daniel Hamilton as the inaugural chair. Early projects of this period included Encyclopædia Conpactia, following a growing wish to foster a repository separated from the MicroWiki community, namely the "new guard".

On 13 February 2021, Daniel Hamilton resigned from the position of chair and handed the chairmanship over to his vice chair, Liam Alexander. On 4 March 2021, Munroe introduced the Constantia Agreement, a document to formalize the pact and be a temporary substitute for a charter. The signing of the agreement began on 15 March 2021 and was ratified on 19 March 2021.

August Renaissance (August 2021 – present)

The August Renaissance is an ongoing period of the Constantia Pact, which commenced upon Sertor Valentinus becoming Chair of the CONPACT. It saw the expulsion of many inactive member states, and the organisation opened its doors to the greater micronational community, by expanding the invite-only system to allow any micronation to be invited to the organisation through the Membership Act written by Daniel Hamilton.[1] With the passage of the act on 22 August 2021, twelve nations were invited to join the pact before the end of the year.

The United Defense and Cooperation Treaty Community merged into the Pact in March 2022.



The cabinet of the Constantia Pact is mandated by the Cabinet Act, an act writen by Sertor Valentinus. The act mandates a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Minister of Public Affairs, Minister of Internal Affairs, and a Minister of Development. As well as explaining the responsibilites of each position, the act gives the Chairman and General Assembly the right to establish and disestablish offices of the Pact.[2]

The current cabinet of the Constantia Pact is as follows:

General Assembly

The General Assembly of the Constantia Pact is the legislative body of the Pact. It is made up of representatives from member states of the Pact. Each state gets one vote in the General Assembly, which is delegated to a primary delegate to issue the vote.


The Constantia Pact currently has six member states, however prior to the August renaissance membership was at nine member states, most of which being severely inactive.

The Membership Act, passed on 22 August 2021, revolutionised the membership process, by enabling non-TFG members to be invited to the Constantia Pact, as well as affirming that members can only join the organisation by being invited, instead of through an open application process. The act also passed provisions to expel inactive member states, leading to Vice Chair Daniel Hamilton expelling half of the member states of the organisation.

List of Members

Bold indicates chair.

Country Representative(s) Date Admitted
Kingdom of West Sayville Sertor Valentinus
Tom Haex
1 December 2020
 Elmwycke Larry Martin 23 August 2021
 Republic of Avalonia James Murray 27 October 2021
Qaflana Empire of Qaflana Thorin Neal 11 November 2021
Desert District Desert District James Bornstein 30 November 2021
Sancratosia Principality of Sancratosia Cloe de Sancratosia 3 March 2022
High Kingdom of Mediolaurentia High Kingdom of Mediolaurentia Liam Alexander
Carson Snyder
Chris Ramsay
19 September 2022

Former Members

Country Date Admitted Date Left Reason
Kingdom of Owosia 23 October 2020 1 November 2020 Dissolution
Union of Garuda 3 November 2020 Merger
Kingdom of Dominel 15 November 2020 25 December 2020 Withdrawal
Republic of Ardenturia 22 November 2020 22 January 2021 Expulsion
Misberian Confederacy 19 December 2020 24 February 2021 Dissolution
Kingdom of Ikonia 24 December 2020 20 April 2021 Withdrawal
Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta 21 March 2021 Withdrawal
People's Republic of Adonia 18 April 2021 7 August 2021 Withdrawal
Republic of Caelesta 22 August 2021 Expulsion
Plushunia 25 February 2021 Expulsion
Allied States of America[b] 23 October 2021 Expulsion
Desert District Expulsion
Kingdom of Atiera 21 December 2020 26 August 2021 Dissolution
Novus Hierosolymis Kingdom of Novus Hierosolymis 23 August 2021 14 February 2022 Withdrawal
Ponderosa Hills Socialist Federal Union of Ponderosa Hills 15 November 2021 3 July 2022 Withdrawal
Grand Duchy of Australis 23 October 2020 19 September 2022 Expulsion
Republic of Lupistan[c] 27 August 2021
 Empire of Aenopia 7 September 2021
Lurdentania Empire of Lurdentania 1 October 2021
 Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon 27 August 2021 Merger
 Principality of Galte 2 September 2021
Kingdom of Atiera Second Empire of Atiera 26 November 2021


  1. Only Arizostan out of all 11 member states is not a member of the Cupertino Alliance, whilst the majority of delegates having previously served as ministers, members of the Supreme Court or executive positions such as Chair or Lieutenant Chair.
  2. Originally joined the Constantia Pact as the Confederate States of America, prior to it's reformation as the Allied States of America.
  3. Originally joined the Constantia Pact as the Kingdom of Rodina, prior to it's reformation as the Republic of Arizostan and later Lupistan.

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