Constantia Pact

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Constantia Pact
Seal of the Constantia Pact
Formation23 October 2020
TypeIntermicronational Union
ChairmanDaniel Hamilton

The Constantia Pact, often abbreviated as CONPACT, is a micronational organisation established on 23 October 2020. The organisation stems from micronational social group The Fun Gang, whose members are much the same as the CONPACT. As of 22 January 2021, the organisation has 7 member states.


The Constantia Pact was named after the Australissian territory of Constantia. The name was suggested by future chair Daniel Hamilton on 18 October, who stated it resembled the word 'Constant', meaning lasting allyship.

Other proposed names included the Genois Pact and the Sabiland Pact, named after territories of Garuda and Naveria respectively.



Discussions on forming a micronational organisation originated in early October 2020 within a social group named The Fun Gang. The original concept was to create a Warsaw Pact-esque coalition consisting of the micronations participating in said social group.

The pact was eventually founded on 23 October, and chair elections were held a couple of days later, anointing Daniel Hamilton as the inaugural chair. Early projects of this period included Encyclopædia Conpactia, following a growing wish to foster a repository separated from the MicroWiki community, namely the "new guard".

On 13 February 2021, Daniel Hamilton resigned from the position of chair and handed the chairmanship over to his vice chair, Liam Alexander. On 4 March 2021, Munroe introduced the Constantia Agreement, a document to formalize the pact and be a temporary substitute for a charter. The signing of the agreement began on 15 March 2021 and is set to close and be ratified on 19 March 2021.


The Constantia Pact currently has seven member states.

Member States

Bold indicates chair.

Country Representative(s) Date Admitted
Flag of Australis.svg Unified Royal States of Australis Daniel Hamilton
Max Baez
23 October 2020
Flag of Naveria.svg Commonwealth of Naveria Casper
CSA.svg Confederate States of America Brayden Eaves
Flag of the Kingdom of West Sayville.svg Kingdom of West Sayville Sertor Valentinus 1 December 2020
Misberia Flag.png Misberian Confederacy Archie Birch 19 December 2020
Atiera flag.svg Kingdom of Atiera Liam Alexander
Isaiah Burdette
21 December 2020
Flag of Ikonia (Pantone).svg Kingdom of Ikonia Cameron Koehler
William Wilson
24 December 2020

Former Members

Country Representative(s) Date Admitted Date Left Reason
Flag of Babergh.png Free Hundred of Babergh David Easterling 23 October 2020 1 November 2020 Nation dissolved
Garuda Vector.svg Union of Garuda Max Baez 3 November 2020 Nation merged
Flag of Dominel.png Kingdom of Dominel Alexandra I 15 November 2020 25 December 2020 Nation left
First Ardenturian Flag.png Republic of Ardenturia 22 November 2020 22 January 2021 Inactivity