Aarland Republic

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Republic of Aarland
Аарланд (Russian)
Coat of arms of Aarland
Coat of arms
National Administration logo
Official languages • Russian
 • German
GovernmentFederal republic
• President
Timothy Kovalenko
• Counselor for Foreign Affair
Evgeny Ponomarev
• Counselor for Justice
• Counselor for Finances
LegislatureNational Council
• Declared
20 August 2020
• Total
1.5 km2 (0.58 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyRussian Ruble (de facto) (RUB)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Drives on theright
Calling code+7
Internet TLD.eu
.ru (de facto)

Aarland, officially the Federal Republic of Aarland (Russian: Федеративная республика Аарланд; German: Bundesrepublik Aarland; Anaslavian: Federǎl Republika če Årland), is a federal republic of four administrates and one federal district. The nation has territorial claims in Russia, Spain and Italy.


The name is composed of Aar (German: Eagle) and Land.




The logo of the National Administration.

National Administration consists of 4 members: 3 Heads of Departments and the President of Aarland, who is also the head of the government. The departments are:
 • Department of Foreign Affairs
 • Department of Justice
 • Department of Finances


The logo of the National Council.

National Council consists of 4 heads of administrates and the Head of the Federal District. President acts as the speaker of the council, but isn't a member of the council and can't vote. At least 3 votes are required for a motion to pass.

There's also a project of creation of the lower chamber of the parliament where the representatives will be elected. However, the [National Party of Aarland] voiced concerns against this proposal.

Law and order

Aarlandian ID card.

Department of Justice covers policing and investigations.

On 5th November 2020 the Department of Justice announced that the Government ID will be issued digitally via Google Pay and Apple Wallet applications. The new ID contains all information required to identify a citizen.


Border security and defense is covered by the Aarlandian Department of Justice Defense Force.


Department of Finances manages the state's budget and controls the Tax Service.

Foreign relations

Department of Foreign Affairs is headed by the Counselor for Foreign Relations who acts as the Chief Diplomat when the Federal President is unable to perform this duty.


The capital of the country is located in the Federal District of Bergland (Rus.: Федеральный округ Бергланд; Ger.: Bundesbezirk Bergland), which is headed by the Head of the Federal District, appointed by the President, and the Mayor of Bergland, appointed by the Head of District.

The country also has four administrates headed by administrators:

  • Strömland - a resort town located on the banks of the Volga.
  • Fuglby
  • Felsenburg
  • Seestadt - a city de-facto located in the premises of the Campione d'Italia, the only administrate in which the majority of the population speaks neither German nor Russian.

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