Aarland Republic

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Republic of Aarland
Аарланд (Russian)
Coat of arms of Aarland
Coat of arms
Official languagesEnglish[1]
Recognised national languages
GovernmentFederal presidential republic with elements of direct democracy
• President
Tim Landa
• Chancellor
• Councillor for Justice
• Councillor for Finances
Alexander Amashukeli
LegislatureNational Council
• Declared
20 August 2020
• Total
0.65 km2 (0.25 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyAarlandian Mark (since 2022) (AAR)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+34, +7
Internet TLD.eu

Aarland, officially the Federal Republic of Aarland (Russian: Федеративная республика Аарланд; German: Bundesrepublik Aarland; Spanish: República Federal de Arland; Catalan: República Federal d'Aarland; Firian: Aarlandia Federur Republikats), is a self-declared independent state with little or no international recognition and is commonly referred to as micronation by external observers. Aarland is a federal republic of four lands and one federal district. The nation has territorial claims in Russia, Spain and Italy.[2]


The name is composed of Aar (German: Eagle) and Land.



Aarlandian cuisine is mainly influenced by Austrian and Georgian cuisines. National drinks include Johannisbeere Schorle and apple cider. Rindsgulasch and duck breast are considered traditional main course dishes, often accompanied by a side of Imeretian Khachapuri, a cheese-filled bread.


Several public holidays are observed in Aarland:

  • The New Year – December 31 - January 1
  • Labor Day – May 1
  • Memorial Day – July 25 (a day on which the victims of repression against the Russia Germans are commemorated)
  • National Day – August 20




The logo of the National Administration.

National Administration consists of 4 members: 3 Heads of Departments and the President of Aarland, who is also the head of the government. The departments are:
 • Department of Foreign Affairs
 • Department of Justice
 • Department of Finances


The logo of the National Council.

National Council consists of up to 12 members: 4 Land Executives (governors), the Head of the Federal District, 5 secondary members for each Land, representative of the State of Arenas Blancas, and the representative of the Autonomous Territory of Firia. President acts as the speaker of the council, but isn't a member and can't vote. A simple majority is required required for a motion to pass.

There's also a project of creation of the lower chamber of the parliament where the representatives will be elected. However, the National Party of Aarland voiced their concerns against this proposal.


The judicial branch is represented by the Federal Court. Aarland functions under the civil law legal system.

Law and order

Aarlandian ID card.

Federal Police under the Department of Justice covers policing and investigations.

Federal Agency for State Protection (BFS) oversees state security, as well as domestic and foreign intelligence. BFS is led by the Federal President.

Foreign nationals who are planning to stay in the country for more than 7 consecutive days are required to register with the Federal Police and, if needed, apply for a short-stay permit.


Border security and defense is covered by the Aarland's Defence Force.


Department of Finances manages the state's budget and controls the Tax Service, as well as customs.

Foreign relations

Department of Foreign Affairs is headed by the Chancellor who acts as the Chief Diplomat when the Federal President is unable to perform this duty.

Recognized nations

The Federal Republic of Aarland recognizes following nations:

Formal relationship established

The Federal Republic of Aarland has established a formal relationship (via a treaty or else) with the following nations:


The Federal Republic of Aarland is a member of the following intermicronational organizations:


The capital of the country is located in the Federal District of Bergland (Rus.: Федеральный округ Бергланд; Ger.: Bundesbezirk Bergland), which is headed by the Head of the Federal District, appointed by the President, and the Mayor of Bergland, appointed by the Head of District.

The country also has four regions (lands) headed by die Landeshauptleute (governors):

  • Strömland - a resort town located on the banks of the Istra river.
  • Fuglby
  • Felsenburg
  • Seestadt - a land located in the premises of the Campione d'Italia, which makes it the only region in which the majority of the population speaks neither German nor Russian.


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