Benjamin I of Levinia

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Benjamin Levinson
His Imperial and Most Illustrious Majesty, the Emperor of Levinia, etc.
Emperor of Levinia
Reign6 November 2022 – present
HeirCrown Prince Scott Levinson
Prime Minister
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Other offices held
President of Bhalamian National Party
In office
15 January 2024 – 17 January 2024
MonarchSulav Chhetri
Preceded byPosition established
Succeeded byPosition abolished
Secretary-General of the Magnolia Pact
Assumed office
28 May 2023
Secretary-General of the Alliance of Jewish Micronations
Assumed office
12 October 2023
President of the Intermicronational Court
Assumed office
7 September 2023
Peacekeeper General of the League of Nations
Assumed office
28 September 2023
Deputy Prime Minister of Nilux
In office
24 October 2023 – 11 May 2024
MonarchEric I
Prime MinisterAsa Ward
Minister of Defense for Nilux
In office
24 October 2023 – 11 May 2024
MonarchEric I
Prime MinisterAsa Ward
Secretary of State for the Interior for Baustralia
Assumed office
31 December 2023
MonarchJohn I of Baustralia
Prime Minister of Yu-Xia
Assumed office
11 February 2024
MonarchMatthew Xia
Minister of Defense for New Antrim
Assumed office
17 February 2024
MonarchJames III
Prime MinisterHRH Prince Sean, Duke of Derry
Governor-General of Olam
Assumed office
19 March 2024
MonarchSean II
Lord Keeper of the Seal in Laskaridia
Assumed office
20 March 2024
MonarchSean II
Minister of Defense for the Khanate of Sol
Assumed office
3 April 2024
MonarchChristopher Solis Khan
BornBenjamin Levinson
17 September
Long Beach, New York, United States
HouseHouse of Levi
FatherCrown Prince Scott Levinson
MotherCrown Princess Jenifer Levinson
Military career
AllegianceEmpire of Levinia
RankAdmiral of the Fleets
General of the Armies
Marshal of the Air Force
Captain-General of the Marine Corp
Commands heldLevinian Armed Forces

Emperor Benjamin Levinson I is the head of the Levinian Empire, a Jewish nation located in South Carolina. As the first ruler of Levinia, he is the Head of State and Government of the Empire. He holds near-absolute power with the authority to make executive decisions, declare war or make peace, preside over state functions, and receive foreign dignitaries.

Emperor Benjamin is known for his commitment to the betterment of the Levinian people and the Empire as a whole. He has implemented numerous policies aimed at promoting growth and strengthening the military. His leadership style is characterized by a focus on efficiency, fairness, and accountability.

Under his reign, the Levinian Empire has undergone significant transformation and modernization. The drafting of a constitution is a prime example of his efforts to bring the Empire in line with democratic principles while still maintaining the traditions and values of the Imperial bloodline. Emperor Benjamin has a strong reputation both domestically and internationally as a leader who is dedicated to the prosperity and well-being of his people.

Personal Life

Benjamin was born on September 17th, in NY. His mother is Crown Princess (by marriage) Jenifer Levinson and his father is Crown Prince Scott Levinson. Benjamin lived in NY for most of his life before moving down to SC, where he reigns over Levinia. Benjamin has a younger brother named Brody and 4 dogs (Barkley, Cali, Maggie, and Millie). He attends school in the neighboring country of the United States. Benjamin likes to bike, spend time with his dogs, cook, and build LEGO. He also works backstage and as a stage manager for shows. Benjamin values family and schoolwork, participating in many clubs like STUCO and the drama club.

Royal Duties

As the leader of the Levinian Empire, Emperor Benjamin carries out various ceremonial and representational duties, extending beyond his involvement in politics. These responsibilities underscore the Empire's continuity and unity.

A significant aspect of Emperor Benjamin's role involves presiding over state functions and ceremonies. This includes participating in key national events, such as the annual Imperial Day celebrations, during which he addresses the nation and reflects on the Empire's accomplishments. Additionally, he represents the Empire internationally by hosting foreign dignitaries and heads of state, fostering diplomatic relations, and advocating for Levinia's interests abroad.

Emperor Benjamin is also actively involved in conferring honors and awards, recognizing exceptional achievements and contributions within the Empire. This involves bestowing prestigious titles and honors upon individuals who excel in various fields, including arts, sciences, public service, and philanthropy. Through these recognitions, the Emperor aims to celebrate excellence and encourage citizens to strive for greatness.

Moreover, Emperor Benjamin serves as a unifying figure for the Levinian people, embodying national unity and identity. His presence at public events and engagements acts as a symbol of the Imperial bloodline and the Empire's traditions.

Titles, Styles and Honors


Full Title

His Imperial and Most Illustrious Majesty, Benjamin Levinson I, by the Grace of God, Emperor of Emperors, King of Kings, Emperor of Levinia, Head of the Imperial Levinian Commonwealth, Protector of the Levinian Empire and its Dominions beyond the Seas, and Defender of Faith

Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms as the Lord Rexford