Monarch of Essexia

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Emperor of Essexia
Essexia Coat of arms.png
Imperial coat of arms of Essexia
Essexia James.png
James I

Style His Majesty
First monarch Terry I
Formation 26 December 2017
Residence Maldon, Essexia

The Monarch of Essexia is whoever holds the title or occupation as the ceremonial monarch and figurehead of all of the Commonwealth of Essexia. In that respect it is one of the most highly respected figures in Essexia.

The second and current Monarch is His Imperial Majesty Emperor James I of Essexia, who has held the title since the 19th February 2021. The Emperor can designate roles to civilians, although tends to allow free will in this sense. The Emperor can also empower citizens to become an MP, who holds a place in the Parliament of Essexia.


Emperor Terry I

Essexia was originally founded (As the Empire of Essexia) on the 26th of December 2017. Terry had no official title, but was the accepted monarch of this realm. By early 2018, the country was called the Queendom of Essexia, and Terry it's established Queen (for purely comedic purposes); at some point during 2018, the nation changed its name to the Kingdom of Essexia, with Terry as its King. On the 16th of September 2018, a revolution by the Federal Senate caused the King to be with no power, until he was invited into the Federation of Essexia, which (on the 19th of September) established the Commonwealth of Essexia. The Treaty which formed the new nation also established King Terry as the ceremonial monarch, but did not respect the title of Princess.

The Danbury Conference on the 17th June 2019 decided that the King's title should become 'Emperor', and the appropriate changes were made to documents and MicroWiki pages on the 19th.

Emperor Terry stepped down on the 19th February 2021, following the events of Hot Pink Friday. He was succeeded by one of his heirs, Prince James, immediately afterwards. Terry then became a Member of Parliament for The Greens, opposing those who supported his downfall.

Emperor James I

Prince James acceded to the throne on the 19th February 2021, after the abdication of Essexia's first and longest reigning monarch Emperor Terry I. James had previously been an MP, and was a significant individual in Essexia for a long time. He was also the longest standing heir to the throne, having been originally designated as such in 2019 following Jack's (who had prior been the heir to the throne) involvement in the 18th September coup. The Treaty of South Jaywick had forced Jack to give up the position, after which James was given the title of heir to the throne.

Monarchs of Essexia

Monarchs of Essexia
Portrait Name Reign Titles
Terry ESX.jpg Emperor Terry I of Essexia 26th December 2017


19th February 2021

1,151 days

  • Queen of Essexia (2018)
  • King of Essexia (2018-17 June 2019)
  • Emperor of Essexia (17 June 2019 - 19 February 2021)
Essexia James.png Emperor James I of Essexia 19th February 2021



  • Emperor of Essexia