Francis S (Essexia)

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Corporal Francis
Essexia Francis.jpg
Official Photo
Minister of Defence
Assumed position
14 December 2020
Predecessor Rt. Hon. Jack
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Rt. Hon. Ben
Minister of Education
In office
27 October 2020 - 14 December 2020
Predecessor Ben S
Successor Queen Becky
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Rt. Hon. Jamie
Ambassador to Czech Republic
Assumed Position
2 May 2020
Successor Currently holds position
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Matthew S
Personal information
Born 0.2002
Czech Republic
Citizenship Czech, Essexian
Nationality Czech
Occupation Corporal (No. 4 Section, Foreign Legion)

Corporal Francis S of the No. 4 (Foreign Legion) Section, informally referred to as Schrodinger or Schrodes, is an officer in the Imperial Army of Essexia, and prominent figure in the Essexian landscape. He regularly contributes to discussions regarding the Essexian armed forces, and is well known as somewhat of an anomaly.

He is reknown for his contributions towards the independence and functioning of Čechsexia.


Also known by some as Schrodinger, Francis first made a micronational appearance at the 2020 Wincott cup, representing the micronation of Poplar Nerva. Shortly after his debut, he joined the Commonwealth of Essexia and was swiftly recruited into the IAE on 27th of April by Matthew, after it was revealed that he is a competition shooter. In short order, he was also appointed as the Essexian Ambassador to Czechia on 2nd of May 2020 by Matthew, although he still insists on calling the nation the Czech Republic. After a month of service in the IAE, he was promoted to the rank of Commissar on June 1st by Jacob, in the midst of the Second Essexian Civil War. Since then he has been active in helping to reform the IAE. Even though he is more than a thousand miles away from Essexia, Francis declared his intention to visit, but his plans have had to be postponed because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. He also participated in the Great Essexian Memeoff, where he scored 2166 completely legitimate votes, placing him in the 5th place, just in front of George S. Since acquiring citizenship in Essexia, he mentioned his misterious friend “Ivan“ (sometimes also “Dima“) several times. Nobody knows who he/she is, or if they are even real.