Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party of Essexia

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Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party
Chairman Earl Finn
Abbreviation LSC
Slogan Offering a fair deal
Founded 26 July 2018
Headquarters Danbury, Essexia
Ideology Social Democracy
Democratic socialism
Political position Centre-left to Left-wing
Official colours      Red      White
Senate Seats
1 / 10

The Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party , or simply Liberal Socialist, is a centre-left to left wing political party in the Commonwealth of Essexia. The party's platform programme describes its founding principle as a blend of socialist and capitalist ideals, while observers describe the Liberal Socialists as social-democratic and pragmatic in practice.

The Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party was founded by Earl Finn of Hawarden due to Finn's social democratic beliefs and support of the cooperative movement and his fear that without a credible left wing party Essexia would fall into the hands of the right. The party managed to rise to form a minority government as the Earl held influence from helping create the Royal Bank of Essexia, and was tasked by King Terry to create the Parliament and, in return the King granted the Liberal Socialists the second largest amount of seats after the Royalist Party and the opportunity to form a minority government with the support of the Royalists.

After the Treaty of Chelmsford on September 19th 2018, the party became the ruling party of the newly-established Commonwealth of Essexia, taking over from the National Conservative Party of Essexia's ruling of the Federation of Essexia.

On December 31st 2018, the party was shaken to its core as the Royalists, whom the LibSocs were in a coalition with, voted with the opposition and passed the Monarchical Reform Act, making King Terry and absolute ruler. The Liberal Socialist Prime Minister resigned in protest so, former National Conservative, Lord Chris joined the LibSocs to become the leader of the LibSocs in the Parliament and was appointed to the newly renamed role of First Minister on New Year's Day 2019.

Later, by demand of King Terry, Earl Finn was appointed to the role of First Minister again due to the King's disapproval of Chris' leadership and a period of soured relations with the leader of the NatCons.