Chris W (Essexia)

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Crown Minister Chris of Essexia
Essexia Chris.png
Official Cabinet Photo
c. July 2018
First Minister
In Office
1st January 2019 - 12th March 2019
Predecessor Earl Finn
Successor Earl Finn
Monarch Emperor Terry
Governor of Funtime Dominion
Held Position
28th March 2019- Present
Predecessor None
Personal information
Born 11th May
Maldon, United Kingdom
Citizenship Essexian
Nationality British
Political party None
Residence Hatfield Peverel, Essexia
Occupation None

Christopher W. (known as Chris W., or CJ) is a citizen and former First Minister of Essexia. Chris has always had an interest in micronationalism, and discovered Essexia by a social media post from a friend. Ever since then, he has attended Parliament sessions and joined discussion regarding the nation- going on to be elected for the Socialists Party leadership in late 2018. He is the first and current Governor of the Funtime Dominion.

Political Life

In December 2018, following the reformation of the Parliament, Chris was voted by narrow majority to lead the Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party, the leading party in the Parliament, thus assuming the role of First Minister. During his tenure, Chris has been adamant to support the reforms of the cabinet, and masterminded the devolution of the Parliament from the Crown, thus establishing the Crown Cabinet and Crown Household, with the Crown Cabinet being independent from the jurisdiction of the monarch.

Following the establishment of the Essexian Political Commonwealth, Lord Chris resigned as First Minister.

Chris is commonly appreciated for his excellent oratory skills, and during times of unrest within meetings can often use his influence to control members, and rally support during speeches which are republable for being captivating. Chris is pro-monarchy, and campaigns on behalf of the Monarch- and supported the reinstatement of absolute monarchy in 2018.

Chris places centerist within the political compass- however has been known to sympathise with extreme left views and described Josef Stalin as “a hero for Russia and the leftist cause” during a speech to the Parliament.

On the 27th march 2019, he attempted to found the Funtime Republic in Sandon, Essex, however an IAE military operation organised by Lord Jack saw his nation become a Dominion of Essexia on the 28th March.

After the 2019 Essexian general election, Chris lost his seat in parliament and thus his lordship.

Following his election defeat he has worked to build support for a Funtime nation independent from Essexia. According to Earl Finn, during this he convinced his former party, the LSC, to adopt a referendum on the future of the independence of the Funtime Dominion in 2019, however when the LSC came to power as part of the Rhino Alliance, no moves were made to hold the referendum; the LSC went so far as to reject supporting the Extended Decolonisation Act 2020 as it didn't call for a referendum. During the 2020 Essexian general election Chris has endorsed the Old Guard Party for First Minister, allegedly in return for a packet of jaffa cakes and independence for the Funtime Dominion by 2021.

Personal life

Chris’ personal life has been one of much debate within Essexia. Chris was known for being troublesome in class, and was given the title of “Class Clown” in the Year 9 awards. His comedic personality also attracts great popularity, and is the reason why he managed to rally enough support to be elected for the premiership of First Minister. It is also why the opposition parties refused to enter coalition with the Socialist party, as they saw the leader as immature and childlike. His neutrality in situations that weren't directly involving him also caused people to question his loyalty to causes he allegedly supports, and had been known to flip on important issues in voting matters- such as his support for the First Essexian Revolution. Hence after the creation of the Essexian Political Commonwealth, Lord Chris resigned when he lost the support of the Parliament.

Chris was born in Chelmsford on May 3 and resides in Hatfield Peverel with his family, and contributes land to the nation.


In 2010, Chris was diagnosed with dyslexia, and uses his position to raise awareness for the issue. Chris has also been riddled with health issues, such as his asthma, and tonsillitis. Chris also admitted in an Essexian forum that he had traits of Asperger's Syndrome.

Chris maintains he is responsible enough for the job, and is still widely popular within the Essexian community.