Adam F (Essexia)

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Citizen Adam of Essexia
Official Cabinet Photo
Ambassador to the United Kingdom
Assumed Office
13 April 2020
Predecessor Position Created
Successor Currently holds position
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed By Earl Finn
Minister of Media
In Office
1st January 2019 - 29th July 2019
Predecessor None
Successor Lord Jamie
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed By Lord Matthew
Personal information
Born 17th September
Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Citizenship Essexian
Nationality British
Residence Danbury, Essexia
Occupation Essexian Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Lord Adam of Essexia was Minister for Media, and former Member of Parliament in the Parliament of Essexia. In recent years it has been his goal to bring recognition to knife crime in Chelmsford, and as Minister for Media focused on producing posters and videos, speaking out against the crime. He also prides himself on being an expert in hand to hand combat and on many cases has single-handedly stopped violence against Muslims and other minorities. He is currently Essexian Ambassador to the UK and seeks to improve relations by 'wait, what's the question again?'


Adam is very popular for his sense of humour and likeable personality. He is keen to resolve arguments, and make sure people are happy in a social situations. He is described by many as caring, and dedicated. Adams dark humour however, has been a source of offence for some of his friends, but this is often overlooked.


Adam was appointed as Minister for Media in the New Year Reforms, as he has a keen internet in video editing and Photoshop.

After the 2019 Essexian general election, Adam lost his seat in parliament and thus his lordship.

Essexian Ambassador to the UK

On the 13th of April 2020, Adam was made the Essexian Ambassador to the United Kingdom. He was appointed this role by Foreign Minister Earl Finn, after demonstrating exemplary knowledge of the UK, labelling the country as 'one that vibed with him.' Upon meeting with Earl Finn to discuss his policy as ambassador, Adam was reported to reply, 'wait what's an ambassador,' which was seen as a representation of the general ineptitude of Essexian politicians as a whole - thus, he was seen to be perfect for the role.

Personal Statement

"Meaningfulness and respect is all Adam have gained from being around and a member of these people. A great opportunity has been given to me by Essexia. During my time in here, it has been a great experience communicating with the people and building a great foundation for building. Even when times have been tough Essexia has always pulled through and it's great to see that kind of mutual respect gained through communication. Learning and collaboration were some of the skills I learned in the early days of Essexia and have been purely beneficial. Errors have been made but they say learning from your mistakes is always important and in my time I have found that to be true. I've taken an interest in the media aspect of running a micro nation and Essexia has allowed me to fulfil my passion by allowing me to represent the Micro-nation. Not only has it allowed me to do that yet it has also provided me with other opportunities to work in other areas. Essexia is truly a great nation for work and peace.

"In retrospect, joining Essexia was a choice that has only brought only positivity to my life and has yielded not only great experience but great memories and relationships. Starting in Essexia was most likely one of the greatest decisions of my life from an artistic standpoint.Darkness and hatred is something that other micro-nations may have but let me tell you that here in Essexia there is only love and happiness. Every tough time and hard moment has been overcome by working together in this great journey by having fun and being together. Around the time my cousin died of a weed overdose I knew that Essexia would be there for me.

"Damn it Essexia, you are the best!"