FAR Network

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FAR Network CIC
Type Subsidiary
Slogan Serving the community
Industry Mass Media
Director Earl Finn
Headquarters Danbury, Essexia
Founded 25 October 2018
Dissolved 1 January 2020
Founder Earl Finn
Area Served Essexia (Web-based)
Stations -FAR Radio
-Distant Lands
-Radio Red
Owner Dean Network Ltd.
Since 11 June 2019
Website FAR Network

FAR Network was a community interest company that aimed to broadcast music and news within the Commonwealth of Essexia. The company was also the first media network in Essexia. On 10 June 2019 FAR Radio joined the Intermicronational Broadcast Organization, representing Essexia. After Essexian government unrest with FAR Network joining the IBO, as the government mistakenly viewed it as an act to undermine it's authority, the Media Merger Act 2019 was passed, merging the big two Essexian media corporations, with FAR Network becoming a subsidiary of Dean Network, and Royal Essexian Media being completely consumed by the Dean Network in this act. FAR Network would continue to operate, with the pro-democratic magazine The Essexian seeing relative success with just three issues, before Earl Finn announced that the network would cease operations on the 1st January 2020 at 17:00 pm, followed by an official confirmation by Dean Network CEO Earl Jack.


The FAR Network was created after FAR Radio expanded and created a second station, Distant Lands, and the two stations became collectively known as the FAR Network, with the FAR Network foundation a day after the creation of the Distant Lands Station.

On the request of Crown Minister Harrison of Essexia the FAR Network expanded with the creation of Radio Red, a station focused on music from the former Soviet Union.

Under the Essexian National Order, everything in Essexia was nationalised, including the FAR Network, but the FAR Network continued to operate somewhat independently from the government.

The 17th July 2019 saw the publication of the first issue of The Essexian, a pro-democratic magazine written and edited by Earl Finn. It focused primarily on Lord Jamie as First Minister. The second issue was released on the 25th July and covered the new Old Guard Party. The third and final issue was released on the 17th November, in order to address both the dissolution of the Commonwealth Party of Essexia and the more significant launch of EAST's first rocket. The magazine was known for it's more liberal standing and tendency to drift from the Dean Network's more neutral or authoritarian standings, however due to the outstanding quality of every issue and positive reception it was received, no serious complaint was ever brought forward by DN.

At 14:58 GMT on Saturday 28th December 2019, Earl Finn informed Earl Jack of his intention to dissolve FAR Network in "the near future". Later that night, at 22:23 GMT, Earl Finn formerly announced the "permanent suspension of all FAR Network services, with the official closure of the Network being on the 1st January 2020 at 5:00pm", which was followed by a brief statement by Dean Network CEO Earl Jack to confirm that FAR Network would be shutting down and that DN would no longer be operating it. Behind closed doors, Earl Finn expressed his dissatisfaction with dwindling readers and listeners, caused by a recent lull in activity within


FAR Network consisted of three stations: FAR Radio, Distant Lands and Radio Red.

FAR Radio

FAR Radio was the second radio station in Essexia, the first being Radio Dean, with the goal of the station was to be the centre of contemporary rock and alternative music in Essexia, as Radio Dean was focused on classic rock and there was a gap in the market for contemporary rock. It was founded on 20 October 2018.

Distant Lands

Distant Lands was founded 24 October 2018, and was FAR radios attempt at a direct competitor to Radio Dean. This station focused on pre-2000 rock, with bands such as Electric Light Orchestra and The Beatles making appearances in the station's playlist.

Radio Red

Radio Red is the most recent installment to the FAR Network, with its creation, on 26 December 2018, being due to Crown Minister Harry desiring a place where he could listen to a collection of songs from the Soviet Union.

Radio Red is the most controversial of Essexian radio stations due to its implied support for the Soviet regime, although the FAR Network has officially stated that "the FAR Network and its subsidiaries do not support and never have supported extremist regimes, and Radio Red was created to enjoy music from a bygone era"

The Essexian

In June 2019 it was revealed that FAR would be creating a high production value magazine, that had an emphasis on promoting democracy, and the power of elected officials.

The first issue of The Essexian was released on 17 July 2019, and was described as both insightful and amusing. The second issue of The Essexian was released on the 25 July 2019, and was a special edition that was released outside of the normal monthly structure due to rapid changes in Essexia after the first issue was created that was felt a month could is too long to wait to report on these issues. The second issue of The Essexian was described as "The best publication is Essexia" by Emperor Terry, due to its quality, and representation of issues. The third issue, which focused on the recent EAST launch as well as the dissolution of CoPa, was seen to be much less provocative. It featured an interview with Earl Jack, as well as much speculation as to what the future may hold for Essexia.

A link to all published issues of The Essexian can be found here.