Intermicronational Broadcast Organization

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Intermicronational Broadcast Organization
Type: Organization of Broadcasting Companies
Founded 8 June 2019
Founder: Calvin White
High Chair Calvin White
Vice Chair Nathan Smith
General Secretary
Official Website N/A
Official Products ICON Cover Competition

Junior Microvision 2019

The Intermicroational Broadcast Organization (IBO) is an alliance of micronational broadcasting services established on 8 June 2019. It began as an alternative to the Micronational Broadcasting Union by Calvin White, Ashley Jaax and Nicholas Randouler. After a while, the MBU came back to reclaim the IBO. After a lengthy debate and argument between the MBU and the IBO, the IBO finally settled in and gave the MBU possession of the Microvision Song Festival.

On July 11, 2019, the High Chair of IBO, Calvin White asked Nathan Smith if IBO could be the official host of his original music festival, Junior Microvision 2019, which was originally due to be hosted by Arebreland. Nathan Smith allowed the IBO to host Junior Microvision.

Full Members

Micronation Broadcaster(s) National script Appointed Abbreviation Broadcaster Abbreviation Year Joined Logo
FlagOfAbrelandOfficial.jpeg Arbreland[1] NNBN and ANTB "Ŋŋɳŋ" and "Äɹjcqgjiɛɹtjn Nԡzyɹlcdg Gxɛzɹjtxyzzyjau ʘ Vɳroqzxjcԡcdthjijk" ARB NNBN and ANTB 2019 TBA
AuvFlag2.png Auvenum[2] Auvenum United Broadcast Corp. Аувенум Объединенный Передача Корпорация AUV AUBC 2019 AUBC.png
 Lytera Royal Lyteran Media Königlich Lytera Median
царственный Lytera вещания (Korolevskiy Lytera Veshchaniya)
LYT RLM 2019 Lyteranmoclogo.png
Flag of Posaf.svg Posaf[3] TBA TBA PSF TBA 2019 TBA
PRPH flag.png Ponderosa Hills PPBA TBA PRH TBA 2019 TBA
Essexian reich.png Essexia FAR Network FAR Network ESX FAR 2019 FAR Network.png
NPNG.png Slavistonia[4] TBA TBA SLV TBA 2019
Flag of New Eiffel.svg New Eiffel New Eiffel Broadcasting TBA NEF TBA 2019

Observer Members

Micronation National Abbreviation Year Joined
Flag of Edelein.png Edelein EDL 2019


  1. Arbreland is a de facto member via charter recognition
  2. Auvenum is a de facto member via charter recognition
  3. Posaf is a de facto member via charter recognition
  4. Slavistonia is a de facto member via charter recognition