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Logo of EssexiaTalk

EssexiaTalk is an Essexian news vodcast web series released by Dean Network since 2020. Created on 16 April 2020, each episode is available for free viewing on the Dean Network YouTube channel.[1][2]

The show was created by Earl Jack and Emperor Vincent I of Arthuria, and is hosted by the two with host Lord Matthew. Each episode focuses on short takes of different areas of micronationalism, and features a varying cast of guests and hosts, and is run in weekly episodes, with breaks between seasons.[3] The show is a video podcast, and unintentionally utilises comedy as well as political talk-show elements. Although it has been debated whether to broadcast the show live or record and edit the footage, the latter was chosen as it would allow for a higher overall quality program.[4]

The show has a combined view count of 324 on YouTube as of 7 February 2021.[5]


EssexiaTalk was created on the 16 April 2020 by Earl Jack of Essexia and Emperor Vincent I of Arthuria. Earl Jack had proposed a similar idea prior to Lord Matthew, however when Vincent brought the same idea to Jack the two ideas were merged. The logo for the show was created by Lord Matthew. It was decided by Jack, Matthew and Vincent to review the status of the show following the recording of Episode 4 as to whether more episodes would be recorded, or whether to take a temporary break before resuming with another season.

The first episode, which featured guest Crown Minister Jacob, the ex-Minister of Defence and an expert in military strategy, was recorded on 23 April 2020, and released on 25 April.[3] The second episode, with guests Emperor Terry and Earl Finn, the Foreign Minister of Essexia, was released on 29 April.[6]

A podcast version of the show was launched on 9 May 2020,[7] and they also announced they had setup a soundcloud and RSS in order to get the podcast onto other streaming services, such as iTunes.[8]

Despite a political schism leading to the show's premature hiatus, there have been repeated proposals to continue the show in the future. However, with the departure of Matthew from Essexia this is very unlikely.


Three episodes have been released, with one more having been planned for season 1 but never filmed.[9]

EssexiaTalk episodes
Episode Number in season Recorded Aired Host(s) Theme(s) Guest(s)
1 1 23 April 2020 25 April 2020[3] Earl Jack
Lord Matthew
Emperor Vincent I
Micronational Militaries Crown Minister Jacob
2 2 29 April 2020[6] Earl Jack
Lord Matthew
Foreign Relations Emperor Terry
Earl Finn
3 3 16 May 2020[10] Lord Jack
Lord Matthew
Types of government Emperor Vincent I
Crown Minister Jacob
4 4 Never Never Micronational drama Citizen Adam


The show has received no professional critique, however reviews from viewers on YouTube and Discord have shown generally positive reception. The Weakly Reader called EssexitaTalk "an instant hit" and said "If EssexiaTalk is an image of whats to come, then the future looks, at least moderately, entertaining."[4]

The show has a combined view count of 324 on YouTube as of 7 February 2021.[5]


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