Scuffling Seaxes

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17th 'Scuffling Seaxes' Squadron
Scuffling Seaxes New.png
Modernised SS Logo, designed by Earl Jack.
Scuffling Seaxes.png
SS Logo, designed by Earl Jack.
Active 27 April 2019 – present
Fleet Size 7 Personnel

9 Aircraft types

Headquarters Les Paddocks
Squadron Commander (General) Jack

The 17th 'Scuffling Seaxes' Squadron, informally the Scuffling Seaxes or S.S., is a virtual air squadron in the armed forces of Essexia that conducts military operations and training via DCS: World. It is a branch of the Imperial Essexian Navy.


It was founded on the 27th April 2019 by Jack, who had been using the DCS software for a number of months. It has seen four expansions over a period of a year, and continues to operate to this day.

First Expansion (5th May 2019)

In the first expansion phase, Harry and Jacob, both citizens of Essexia, joined the unit. They began as Su-25. Frogfoot pilots until a few months later, when they became qualified Su-33 naval pilots.

Second Expansion (5th July 2019)

A month after the first expansion, Ben H and Summers, also citizens of Essexia, joined the unit. However, they have yet to complete their Su-25T training.

Third Expansion (20th January 2020)

Months after first expressing interest, Emperor Terry joined, but left in mid 2020.

Fourth Expansion (6th April 2020)

Non-Essexians Sunden and Howard were invited to the unit after they had expressed interest. They were quickly qualified in the same aircraft as Earl Jack, and proved to be valuable assets.

A rank system was implemented by Earl Jack on the 30th April 2020, and is listed below:

Ranks of the 17th. 'Scuffling Seaxes' Squadron
No. Name Abbreviation Role Current Holders No. Current Holders
1. Second Lieutenant 2nd. Lt. Trainees None 0
2. First Lieutenant 1st. Lt. Pilots Lord Ben, Crown Minister Summers 2
3. Captain Capt. Pilots Citizen Harrison, Lord Commissar Jacob 2
4. Major Maj. Pilots Citizen Sunden, Citizen Howard 2
5. Lieutenant Colonel Lt. Col. Commanders None 0
6. Colonel Col. Commanders None 0
7. General Gen. Admin Jack 1
Totals 8 Ranks 4 Roles 7 Individuals 7 Individuals


Personnel of the Scuffling Seaxes
Name Rank Qualifications Joined Left
General Jack General Su-25/Su-25T, Su-27, Su-33, A-10A, F-14B (RIO), F/A-18C, AV-8B, MiG-21, 27/4/19
Captain Harrison Capt. Su-25/Su-25T, Su-33, F-15C 5/5/19
Lord Commissar Jacob Capt. Su-25/Su-25T, Su-33, F/A-18C 5/5/19
Lord Ben 1st. Lt. Su-25/Su-25T 5/7/19
Crown Minister Summers 1st. Lt. Su-25/Su-25T 5/7/19
Emperor Terry 2nd Lt. 20/1/20 1/6/20
Major Sunden Maj. Su-25/Su-25T, Su-33, F-14B, F-15C, F/A-18C, F-16, AV-8B 6/4/20
Major Howard Maj. Su-25/Su-25T, Su-27, Su-33, A-10A, F-15C, F-16 6/4/20


Aircraft Models Used By The Scuffling Seaxes
Name Role No. Pilots Introduced
Su-25T Ground Attack/Limited Air-to-Air. 7 27/4/19
Su-33 Carrier-capable (STOBAR) Air Superiority/Multi-role. 5 2019
F-15C Air Superiority. 3 2020
F/A-18C Carrier-capable (STOBAR) Multi-role. 3 3/4/20
F-16C Multi-role. 2 6/4/20
AV-8B Carrier-capable (STOVL/VTOL) Ground Attack/Multi-role. 2 6/4/20
F-14B Carrier-capable (STOBAR) Interceptor/Multi-role. 2 21/5/20
A-10A Turbojet attack aircraft. 2 26/5/20
MiG-21 Supersonic interceptor. 1 11/6/20


Note: Underlined names denotes the individual that designed the operation.

An S.S. F/A-18C Hornet on a carrier deck, used as a promotional image for the new EAA roundels and accompanying liveries.

Gurkha Fury

Date: 13th April 2020

Participants: Jack, Harrison, Jacob and Sunden.

Belligerents: BLUE = USAF (SS) v RED = Hostlie Russian/Chinese forces.

Seaxes departed from three captured air ports in the South East Caucasus, travelling through a valley. They neutralised multiple enemy radars, SAM sites and AAA emplacements, before engaging enemy forces on the South West Caucasus coast. No enemy forces were engaged in air-to-air combat, therefore the use of an F-15C was pointless. However, the use of two A/G F/A-18Cs and one SEAD F/A-18C was still effective, and crucial to the success of the mission. One F/A-18C was lost.

Georgian Civil War

Date: 14th April 2020

Participants: Jack, Harrison, Jacob, Sunden and Howard

Belligerents: BLUE = USAF/USN (SS) v RED = Georgian Armed Forces.

Seaxes departed from Aircraft Carrier and Batumi, and headed for Kobuleti. Two F/A-18Cs and one F-16C performed ground strikes on Kobuleti airport and nearby targets, whilst two F-15Cs performed combat air patrols over the area. Ground and air targets were neutralised, and all aircraft (Minus one F-15C and one F/A-18C) landed. Two F-16Cs, three F-15Cs and one F/A-18C were lost during the mission.