Empire of Slough

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Empire of Slough
[[File:Flag: |125px|border|Flag of Empire of Slough]]
[[File:Coat of Arms: |85px|Coat of arms of Empire of Slough]]
Coat of arms
Motto: Equidistant between London and Reading
Anthem: 'Slough' by David Brent
File:Berkshire, South-East England
and largest city
Farnham, Slough
Official languagesEnglish
• The First Minister
Lord Matthew
Establishment14th October 2018
• Census
CurrencyEssex Yen (¥) (EXY)
Time zoneUTC +00

The Empire of Slough was a Dominion under the Commonwealth of Essexia. The head of state was Emperor Terry of Essexia, with Lord Matthew as Slough's First Minister. The Empire of Slough existed on approximately half an acre of land, with 6 permanent citizens and around 11 people with Empire of Slough citizenships. It was recognised as a Dominion of Essexia until the 25th May 2019, when it voted to become Independent.


The name, Empire of Slough, comes from the name of the large town that surrounds the micronation, Slough, and the title of Empire is due to the Slough-controlled Mecca Island off the coast of Northern California.


The Empire of Slough was formed on the 14th of October 2018, when Lord Matthew of Essexia visited Essexia's allies in Farnham, Slough, in order to form a puppet state in the area. The following day, Emperor Terry of Essexia bestowed the title of Minister for Slough upon Lord Matthew, and allowed him to control the puppet state.

When Emperor Terry gave the Empire of Slough Mecca Island, after Lord Jack's negotiations to acquire a small number of islands and rocks off the coast of Northern California, Lord Matthew renamed his Island to Mecca Island.

Slough became independent by popular vote on the 25h May 2019. Its future is still unclear, and it is yet to even ratify a constitution.

Old flag of Slough.
Old Flag of Mecca Island.

Government and Politics

The Empire of Slough has no government or politicians as everything is controlled by Lord Matthew of Essexia and Emperor Terry of Essexia.

Geography and Climate

The area of Berkshire is very cloudy most of the year, however in Summer it is one of the nicest and hottest places in all of the UK. The surrounding area is somewhat hilly, with lots of wild flora and fauna.


The Empire of Slough uses the Essexian Yen (¥) as its default currency, however British Pounds (£) are also widely accepted.


Slough and Berkshire are often ridiculed by other parts of the UK due to the dismal weather and architecture, however Slough contains Europe's largest trading estate, and is a very economy-focused Town.