EssexiAir Premier League

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EssexiAir Premier League
Countries Essexia
Founded17 February 2021
First seasonJuly 2021
Number of teams4
Current championsTBD
(1st season (July 2021))
Most championshipsTBD
Most capped playerTBD
Top goalscorerTBD
TV partnersDean Network

The EssexiAir Premier League (sometimes referred to simply as the Premier League, or the Essexian Premier League) is the only football league in the Commonwealth of Essexia. It is sponsored by Essexia's national airline EssexiAir, resulting in the competition's namesake. Local Essexian football teams compete for the title of EssexiAir Premier League Champion.

The league is set to begin in July 2021.


The EssexiAir Premier League was formed on the 17th February 2021 by Jack D, who also created Danbury United F.C. as Essexia's first non-international football team to compete in the league. The league's inaugural games are set to take place later in 2021, once COVID-19 restrictions have been eased. Great Baddow Rovers F.C. was added on the 18th February, created by Emperor Terry. F.C. United of Michael was founded and added to the league on the 25th February 2021, as the third league team. It was founded by Newton von Uberquie. Former First Minister Finn R formed Danbury Village A.F.C. on the 2nd July 2021 in order to bolster the number of teams in the league, and add a competitive nature within Greater Danbury for which team citizens should support.

Competition Format


EssexiAir Premier League clubs
Name Logo Manager Formed First league game
Danbury United F.C.
Jack D 17th February 2021 TBD
Great Baddow Rovers F.C. Baddow Rovers 2.png Emperor Terry 18th February 2021 TBD
F.C. United of Michael F.C United of Michael.png Newton von Uberquie 25th February 2021 TBD
Danbury Village A.F.C.
AFC Danbury logo clear.png
Finn 2nd July 2021 TBD


The league is sponsored by Essexiair, Essexia's national airline and one of the nation's most well known independent entities.

Individual teams are allowed to be sponsored by private companies; CAe Systems and Paddocks Boat Co both sponser Danbury United, whilst Bearing420 sponsors the Baddow Rovers.

Media Coverage

Media rights to broadcast the league games were granted exclusively to Dean Network, who are planning to broadcast live coverage at the first games, possibly with commentary. Dean Network is also responsible for creating publicity for the league and releasing official news.


EssexiAir Premier League club managers
Name Club Started
Jack D Danbury United F.C. 17th February 2021
Terry Great Baddow Rovers F.C. 18th February 2021
Newton von Uberquie F.C. United of Michael 25th February 2021
Finn R Danbury Village A.F.C. 2nd July 2021


EssexiAir Premier League players
Name Started Position Club
Terry 18/02/2021 Defensive Midfield Great Baddow Rovers F.C.
Harry B 18/02/2021 Striker Great Baddow Rovers F.C.
Sam G 18/02/2021 Attacking Midfield Great Baddow Rovers F.C.
Ben H 18/02/2021 Defence Great Baddow Rovers F.C.
Will F 18/02/2021 Goalee Danbury United F.C.
Ben S 18/02/2021 Midfield/Defence Danbury United F.C.
James H 18/02/2021 Midfield Danbury United F.C.
Elliot 18/02/2021 Midfield Danbury United F.C.
Newton 25/02/2021 Goalee F.C. United of Michael
Matthew S 25/02/2021 Defence F.C. United of Michael
Fabio M. 03/08/2021 Striker F.C. United of Michael
Finn R 02/07/2021 Danbury Village A.F.C.
Adam F 02/07/2021 Danbury Village A.F.C.


The club that wins the league is awarded the title of EssexiAir Premier League Champion, and will receive some kind of trophy. There are planned to be separate awards for best manager or best player.

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