F.C. United of Michael

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F.C. United of Michael
F.C United of Michael.png
Full nameFootball Club United of Michael
Nickname(s)Michael, The Seamen
Founded25 February 2021
ManagerNewton von Uberquie
LeagueEssexiAir Premier League

Football Club United of Michael, usually abbreviated to F.C. United of Michael, is an Essexian professional football team based in Colchester. They are set to compete in the EssexiAir Premier League in 2021, Essexia's first football league.

F.C. United of Michael kit design. Designed by Manager Newton.


The club was founded on the 25th February 2021 by Newton von Uberquie as the third team founded to compete in the EssexiAir Premier League, in the summer of 2021.


F.C. United of Michael currently has signed Newton and Matthew, both new to playing for Essexia. However, Matthew was in the staff of the first Essexia FC game in 2019.

F.C. United of Michael Players
Name Position Joined
Newton Goalee 25/02/2021
Matthew S Defence 25/02/2021
Fabio M. Striker 08/03/2021


The club employs its manager, but has not made public any plans for further employment.

F.C. United of Michael Staff
Name Position Joined
Newton Manager 25/02/2021


Since the team's founding on the 25th February 2021, the team has been sponsored by Uberquiesenberg Cartographers Co-Op.


As of 25th February 2021, F.C. United of Michael hasn't achieved any honours.