Essexia FC

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Essexia FC
Full nameEssexia Football Club
Founded29 March 2019
ManagerJack D

Essexia Football Club (commonly referred to as Essexia FC, or ESFC) was founded on the 29th March 2019 on the date of its first game by the founding team. It is the primary international team of the Commonwealth of Essexia, and it's players all hold Essexian citizenship. The team have played a total of 2 matches, both against the United Kingdom.


Team I 'Testosterone' (29/3/19 - 21/6/19)

Name Common Position(s) Nationality Flag
Lord Jamie Goal Essexian-British
Citizen Adam Goal/Midfield Essexian-British
Crown Minister Summers Midfield/Defence Essexian-British-American
Lord Chris Midfield/Defence Essexian-British
Prince Robin Midfield (Captain) Essexian-British-Belgian
Emperor Terry Midfield Essexian-British
Earl Jack Manager Essexian-British
Lady Becky Vice-Manager Essexian-British
Lord Matthew Deputy Vice-Manager Essexian-British
Lord Elliot Substitute Attack Essexian-British
Citizen Gordon Substitute Defence Essexian-British
Earl Finn Managing Support Essexian-British

Team I played the Club's first game on the 29th March 2019 at Sandon, Essex, against other local, amateur teams. Although they didn't win, Essexia FC were able to come close to draws (Which was impressive considering they lacked practice or ability), and were praised by other teams and the onlookers for their uniform, spirit, and overall motivation. Substitute Elliot 'Steve' B. was awarded an OCE for "notable services to the Commonwealth of Essexia" specifically for his unpaid contribution to Essexian culture. Lord Jack was able to create a strategy of substituting certain players at certain times in order to maintain peak efficiency, whilst Prince Robin, as Captain, guided players on the field and worked on specific match strategies.

The Team created the Club's first uniform, with players wearing IAE jackets and berets, with jackets being expendable should a player become overheated. Lord Matthew wore his black Chief of land Forces uniform, whilst Lord Jack wore his blue-and-gold Chief of Armed Forces uniform.

Some of the Essexian football team posing for a post-match photo.

Team II 'Fairies' (22/6/19)

Team II was smaller than Team I, but was assembled for an easier task. Team II was purely a training group, who played against each other for an hour in order to build Essexia FC's experience.

Name Common Position(s) Nationality Flag
Citizen Adam Goal/Midfield Essexian-British
Lord Elliot Midfield/Defence Essexian-British
Lord Chris Midfield/Defence Essexian-British
Citizen Will Midfield Essexian-British
Emperor Terry Midfield Essexian-British
Citizen Ben Defence Essexian-British
Lord Jack Manager Essexian-British