Danbury United F.C.

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Danbury United F.C.
Danbury United.png
Full nameDanbury United Football Club
Founded17 February 2021
ManagerJack D
LeagueEssexiAir Premier League

Danbury United kit design, featuring the club's colours and various sleek colour separations. Designed by Manager Jack D.

Danbury United Football Club (commonly referred to as Danbury United F.C, Danbury United or Danbury F.C.) is an Essexian professional football team based in Greater Danbury. They are set to compete in the EssexiAir Premier League in 2021, Essexia's first football league.

The club was the second to reach the minimum required players, after Great Baddow Rovers F.C., on the 18th February 2021.


The club was set up on the 17th February 2021 by Essexian MP Jack D. He envisioned a football league held domestically, and saw that clubs would need to be formed prior to any such event taking place. Named after the province that Jack resides in, Danbury United F.C. was Essexia's first non-international football club, and the first of any of Essexia's sports teams to have a custom uniform design.

The team was formed the following day on the 18th February 2021, and included 3 ex-Essexia FC players.


There are currently 4 players; Will F, who previously played midfield for Essexia FC's second game; Ben S, who previously played Midfield/Defence in Essexia FC's second game; James H; and Elliot B, who previously played Midfield/Defence for Essexia FC's first and second games. Elliot, who is often referred to as 'Steve', is considered Danbury's prized player for his long service in Essexia FC's international matches.

Danbury United F.C. Players
Name Position Joined Previously
Will F Goalee 18/02/2021 Essexia FC, Midfield
Ben S Midfield/Defence 18/02/2021 Essexia FC, Midfield/Defence
James H Midfield 18/02/2021 None
Elliot B Midfield 18/02/2021 Essexia FC, Midfield/Defence


The club employs a small team of professionals to ensure the team are best prepared and mentally ready for every match.

Danbury United F.C. Staff
Name Position Joined
Jack D Manager 17/02/2021
Finn Managing Support 18/02/2021
Adam F Physiotherapist 18/02/2021


Danbury United is sponsored by Essexia's largest defence contractors, CAe Systems and Paddocks Boat Co. These were gained due to the local area's links to these companies. The joint sponsorship was announced on the 21 February 2021.


As of 17th February 2021, Danbury United hasn't achieved any honours.