Royal Bank of Essexia

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The Royal Bank of Essexia is the official bank of Essexia, and is the only business that is permitted by King Terry to print Essexian Yen. It is managed by the First Lord of the Treasury, who is currently the Lord Finn.


The RBE was founded in July 2018 by King Terry and Lord Jack to manage, print, and distribute the Essexian Yen after it was decided that the aforementioned currency would be made public to the citizens of Essexia. The Bank maintains an online presence on the Essexia discord, and distributes digital Essexian Yen among the citizens until physical Yen can be mass produced and distributed.

After the Federalist Coup of September 16th, the Royal Bank of Essexia became the Federal Bank of Essexia, however after the Treaty of Chelmsford established King Terry as the ceremonial head of state, and the FBE became the RBE once again.