Samilias I of Sunsonia

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Sammy Pike-Hegar
Picture of Samilias Regina
Queen of Sunsonia
Assumed office
August 15th 2018
Queen Samilias Regina
Countess of Cylon
Assumed office
June 17th 2020
Summi Imperatoria Christina I of Cycoldia
Prime Minister Jayden Prasatik
Chief of the Armed Forces Hayden Lenard'
Staatholder of the Sunsonian State of Veraburg
Assumed office
January 18th 2019
Predecessor Office established
Head of the House of Regina Sunsonia
Assumed office
July 4th 2020
Personal information
Born December 2006
Birth name Samson Pike-Hegar
Citizenship Queendom of Sunsonia, Grand Republic of Cycoldia
Nationality Sunsonian-American
Ethnicity Czech-Dutch
Political party Sunsonian Queen's Party
Residence Texas
Home town Austin, Texas
Military service
Nickname(s) Sam
Allegiance Sunsonia
Service/branch Sunsonian Army
In service Sunsonia 2018 -
Rank (Military of Sunsonia) Regina Sunsonia
Unit First Veraburg regiment

Sammy Pike-Hegar is a Texan Micronationalist and current Queen of Sunsonia and Countess of Cylon. Sammy P-H at first had extreme difficulty in gaining citizens to the Queendom of Sunsonia which most likely contributes to the small amount of citizens despite her nation's age. In her early carrier she found difficulty contacting other micronations and Micronationalists which hindered Sunsonia's early success. When she was born she was born with the gender of male which until relatively recently remained fact. She has regarded her homeland of Texas as "A horrible place with some nice and some horrible people." and she holds the town of Bartlett, TX in an even lower regard she commonly says "It is literally a few streets then it is sandy soil and cows." although she tends to look upon cities in a higher regard.

Currently she has been attempting to make new friends in school after many of them moved away to neighboring towns. She has also taken a liking to making heraldry for her classmates and for other reasons (Despite her fairly limited knowledge on the subject).

Coat of Arms

Her coat of arms (Shown to the left) was made to represent the hyphenated nature of her Surname and was made to combine her Mother's arms (Which will later be featured) and her Father's arms (Which will also be featured). She was reluctant to take either arms as her own as it would (in her mind) Disown a large portion of whom she considered to be family from the Royalty of Sunsonia, So she decided to combine the arms as if her parents were still married with the Baron side being the arms of her father and the Femme side being that of the arms of her mother. She likes to consider both the arms "Basis arms" which she uses as a basis to create other arms for other members of her family, she also sometimes disregards the rules of heraldry in the name of making a beautiful arms but for the most part follows the rules. In this particular case she acknowledges the fact that the arms she created as a combination of her two parent's arms is breaking a few rules of inheritance.