House of Nobles (Phokland)

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House of Nobles
House of Phoklandian Parliament
Type Upper House
Houses House of Ministers
House of the Nobility
Prime Minister of Phokland Cyrus Dieterle
Speaker of the House Princess Mia Sanchez
Members 5
Political groups

Phokland First Party, Phokland Labor Party, Progressive Conservative Party of Phokland,

Phoklandian Independent Organization
Voting system Chosen by appointment of Monarch/Prime Minister after a national election
voting system Chosen by Monarch to serve for life
Last election 01 October 2018
Meeting place
Senatorial Chamber, U.S. Phoklandian Embassy

The House of Nobles is the primary legislative body of the Tsardom of Phokland. While possessing no "official" power, the senate acts as an advisory committee to the Monarch of Phokland. The house is made up of Imperial Ministers and Imperial Nobility. The ministers represent different parts of the Phoklandian government. Each minister is chosen through appointment by either the Prime Minister or the monarch. The house's primary function is to both draft new laws/submit them for the approval/denial of the monarch and to advise the sitting monarch on the internal affairs of the country.

The Nobles act on behalf of the monarch to give the final vote on all laws that pass through the House of Ministers.