State President of Phokland

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State President of Phokland
Flag of the Presidency
Casper temp.jpeg
Casper von Navārdia

since 31 March, 2020
StyleHis Excellency (formally)
Mr. President (informally)
Term lengthindefinite
Inaugural holderCharles Ross
FormationDecember 9, 2019

The State President (also known simply as just President) of the Phoklandian Free State is the Head of State of the nation. Said position is held for an indefinite term and the incumbent may re-run as many times as he/she/they wish. In addition, upon their decision to not run for re-election and on the grounds that they did not die or in any other way become incapacitated in office or impeached, the outgoing President may choose the candidate(s) that are allowed to run and subsequently succeed them.