National Party of Phokland

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National Party of Phokland
LeaderCharles Ross
Founded21 November 2019
Youth wingYoung Phoklandians
IdeologyCentralist Nationalism
ColorsLight Green
House of Parliament
5 / 8
Party flag
NPP Flag.png

The National Party of Phokland (NPP), also known simply as the National Party is a Phoklandian political party based around the ideas of civic nationalism and political centrism. The NPP is currently the ruling party in the Phoklandian House of Assembly. The party is currently headed by State President Charles Ross.


Since being founded, the NPP has actively engaged in Phoklandian politics and though only recently forming into it's current state, the party as existed in some form for quite a while.


The earliest versions of what would one day become the National Party can be traced to a wave of populist nationalism within Phokland that cropped up in mid 2018. It is during this time that the first nationalistic political parties sprung up within the nation, one of which was the Phokland First Party (PFP). It is in this party that Phoklandian politicians Charles Ross (who also served as the monarch) and James Ellis began to involve themselves in partisan politics.

Charles and James swiftly climbed the ranks of the PFP and by late 2018, Ellis had secured his role as Party Chairman and Ross as Deputy-chairman. It is during their time in office that the party rose to become the second largest political entity in the nation (second only to the leading Phokland Labor Party).

The penultimate accomplishment came in October of that year when James Ellis was able to secure the role of Prime Minister in the 2018 elections, unseating Labor PM Brock Lang.

Under the Ellis administration, Phokland prospered with many national and local institutions arising from this era. Problems began to arise however, when in February of 2019 the Prime Minister resigned his post and left Phokland to found his own micronation (the Empire of Kyberia).

This left the deputy Prime Minister (and Labor Party Chairman) Mia Sanchez to assume control and within a month of the resignation, the majority of PFP Cabinet Ministers had been replaced.

The PFP would never fully recover and by November of 2019, the Phokland First Party had functionally ceased to exist and was subsequently unlisted as a national political party.

Though gone, many of the centrist-nationalist ideas of the PFP lived on and several citizens began rallying for the creation of a new party to fill the void left by the PFP's dissolution. It was on this basis that Ross (still serving as King) created the National Party to serve a similar purpose in the newly re-established Parliament of Phokland.


Following a month long creation period, Charles officially established the National Party of Phokland (NPP) on the 21st of November 2019 and the party was quickly recognized by the government and registered as a nation-wide political group.


In the past, the NPP received criticism (usually directed at the party leader) for having appointed the sitting King of Phokland as it's head. This stemmed from the belief that monarchs should not personally involve themselves in political organisations and that by doing so, they alienate a portion of their subjects. This point was later proved mute by the King's abdication and subsequent election as President.


The primary beliefs of the NPP heavily revolve around the idea of civic nationalism. This is a political theory that promotes a country's national identity but in a way that includes all races, creeds and ethnic groups. It's purpose is to unite all individuals within a nation under a common, shared love in one's country. As such, the NPP's primary "mission statement" is to unite all peoples of Phokland under one banner and under one shared national identity.

The party also commonly practices the ideas of progressive conservatism, this being the idea of promoting social liberalism while maintaining a relatively conservative outlook towards matters of economics and foreign policy.


In regards to practical activity, the NPP aims to practice political centrism. This meaning that the party often remains in the "center of the isle" during both debates and elections, only deviating from this either upon popular demand or in order to further the party's primary beliefs.

That being said, the National Party is often considered by many to be a right leaning party. This idea mostly stems from the fact that outside of micronationalism, many NPP members are political conservatives. This is further corroborated by certain policies that the party pushes...

  • The NPP pushes for more relaxed weapons' rights.
  • The NPP pushes for stricter drug control (with the exception of marijuana).
  • The NPP pushes for stronger anti-abortion legislation (though a continuation of this "push" is unlikely).

Regardless, the NPP also pursues more Liberal legislation...

  • The NPP pushes for legalized recreational marijuana.
  • The NPP pushes for more laxed border security.
  • The NPP pushes for full LGBT+ rights.
  • The NPP pushes for stricter anti-discriminatory laws.
  • The NPP pushes for an end to the death penalty (unless for crimes against humanity).
  • The NPP pushes for a strong single-party democratic state.
  • The NPP pushes for the democratic unification of Kyberia under a unified Republic.


No. Image Name Term start Term end Notes
1 GPrince.jpg Charles Ross 21 November 2019 Incumbent King of Phokland (2007-2019)
Prime Minister of Phokland (2017-2018)
State President of Phokland (2019-incumbent)

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