Aspen Parliament

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Aspen Parliament
MonarchJames II Christian
since since November 28, 2018
President of the BundesradVacant
since July 30, 2021
Speaker of the RiksdagOtto Gillespie Birch
since July 29, 2021
Prime MinisterRobert Smith, Aspen Monarchist & Labour Union
since July 5, 2021
Leader of the OppositionDavid Augustus, Aspen National Party
since July 5, 2021
consisting of
6 members of the Bundesrad
9 members of the Riksdag
Aspen Riksdag 2.svg
political groupsRiksdag
  •      Aspen Monarchist & Labour Union (4)
  •      National Party (1)
  •      Independents (4)
voting systemProportional Representation
last electionOctober 8, 2020
next electionAugust 3, 2021

The Parliament of the Kingdom of Aspen is the federal legislature of the Kingdom of Aspen and is composed of the Monarch, the Bundesrad, and the Riksdag. The Riksdag is the dominant chamber of the Parliament, representing the people of the realm as a whole. The Riksdag is responsible for electing the Prime Minister and government, as well as for proposing bills on taxation. The Bundesrad, however, functions as the representation of the provinces in the federal government, it serves as a check on the power of the Riksdag, as well as a chamber of second thought and revision. The Monarch provides royal assent to laws passed by the parliament, as well as provides legal force behind government decrees and statutes.

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