Free Territory of Valbona

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Free Territory of Valbona
Libero Territorio di Valbona
Liber Teritore de la Albuna

Coat of Arms Valbona.pngFlag of Valbona.png

Per Aspera ad Astra
Latin: through hardship to the stars
Capital cityValbona city
Official language(s)Italian, Valbonese
DemonymValbonesi / Valbonian
- PresidentThe President of the Chestnut Assembly
- PresidentJohn of Valbona (2017 - present)
LegislatureChestnut Assembly
Established4th of Novembre, 2017
Area claimed6000 mq
CurrencyLira of Valbona / Euro
National drinkWine
National animalEuropean hedgehog

Official Website

The Free Territory of Valbona (Italian: Libero Territorio di Valbona or in Valbonese: Liber Teritore de la Albuna. Microcode: VL) commonly known as Valbona, is a micronation that claim an area of 6000 mq on an unknown hill in the North Italy. Valbona was founded with the pourpose of fight against the agricultural land abandonment and make the importance of agriculture known and its government has also a paticular focus on environmental protection and on philately.


Valbona was founded on 4th november 2017 by the National Committee for Rural Protection (Italian: Comitato Nazionale di Salvaguardia Rurale) that set up a provisional government, in office until 11th november 2017. In this date the National Committee for Rural Protection has been dissolved and all its members became parliamentarians of the Chestnut Assembly (Italian: Assemblea del Castagno), the representative body of Valbona’s citizens. On 12 November 2017 John of Valbona was elected first President of the Chestnut Assembly, the Head of State in Valbona.


Stamp from first issue shows an European hedgehog, national animal of Valbona

The Free Post of Valbona (italian: Libere Poste di Valbona) is in charge of managing the correspondence and issue stamps in according with the Valbona’s governament.


The first issue of Valbona's stamp was issue on 19 November 2017 [1] and typical themes are

  • Local view, flora and fauna
  • Protection of Polar Regions
  • Enviromental protection
  • Valbona's History
  • Geography

    Snow in Valbona

    Valbona is located in North Italy and has a hilly territory with terrace where grow vine, olives and some fruit tree. There is also a little piece of woodland.


    Valbona has a climate which cannot be precisely defined as either Mediterranean climate or Humid subtropical climate, presenting elements from both (e.g. summers are not enough wet for Humid subtropical climate, nor so dry as in Mediterranean climates; while winters are colder than similar micronation of Mediterranean climate, but at the same time milder than in Humid subtropical climate places). This indeed allows cultivations not seen in the near areas, like olive trees, while keeping those characteristics which are not typical of Mediterranean climates (like more frequent appearances of frost or snow during winters or more frequent summer thunderstorms).[2]


    Road sign in Valbona

    Fauna of Valbona including

  • Domestic geese
  • Chicken
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • and wild animals as

  • Bird of prey
  • Red fox
  • European hedgehog
  • Wild boar
  • Flora

    In Valbona grow typical natural meadow wildflowers and trees as:

  • Castanea sativa that is the National Tree
  • Robinia pseudoacacia
  • Juglans regia
  • Morus nigra
  • Honours system

    Coat of arms of the Order of Biodiversity

    The Order of Biodiversity (Italian: Ordine della Biodiversità) is the only and highest honour awarded by the Free Territory of Valbona. The honour is bestowed by decree of the President of the Chestnut Assembly, head of the order. The motto is "Only one home" (Italian: Una sola casa) [3]


    Ribbon Class Full title in Italian Note
    Gran Maestro Protettore Nastrino.png Head of the Order Gran Maestro Protettore Only for the President of the Chestnut Assembly
    Generale Protettore Nastrino.png 1st class Generale Protettore Only for Heads of State
    Colonnello Protettore Nastrino.png 2nd class Colonello Protettore
    Capitano Protettore Nastrino.png 3rd class Capitano Protettore
    Nastrino ordine biodiversità.png 4th class Protettore


    Flag State Diplomatic status Treaty Date
    Suprèmus Òrdo Moràlis Fundàmentum Cìvis Mutual recognition Una sola casa 22 November 2019
    Free State of Sabini Recognition 05 April 2020


    The Corriere di Valbona is the online magazine issued by the government of Valbona. On the magazine were published different type of news from valbonian life.[4]

    National holidays

    Holiday [5] Date Note
    Earth day 22 april
    Day of CNSR 25 april In this day, in 2017, the National Committee for Rural Protection started its activity
    Valbona National Day 4 November The Free Territory of Valbona was founded in this day, in 2017
    Christmas Day 25 December


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