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People’s Diet
14th Reichsversammlung
File:Volkstag arms.svg
Coat of arms of the Volkstag
Term limits
6 months
FoundedJune 6, 2014 (2014-06-06)
Connor Stumperth, C
since 16 November 2019
Deputy Speaker
Ashley Jaax, C
since 5 September 2020
Second Deputy Speaker
Patrick Renwick, NRGU
since 5 September 2020
Third Deputy Speaker
Anthony Clark, NRGU
since 5 September 2020
Patrick Renwick, NRGU
since 10 July 2020
Brandon Wu, LF
since 13 August 2020
Seats13 MVs
Political groups
HIM Government (6):
  •   National Royalists (6)

HIM Loyal Opposition (7):

Party list
Last election
28-29 July 2020
Next election
27-29 December 2020
Meeting place

The Volkstag (literally "People’s Diet", in German), is the lower chamber of the Reichsversammlung, the legislature of the Abeldane Empire. Its members are elected through party lists in a single nationwide electoral district. There are presently twelve elected seats in the Volkstag, plus one appointed seat.

The Volkstag is responsible for enacting and repealing laws (known as the Acts of the Parliament). These acts require the approval of the Bundesrat, the upper chamber of the legislature. The Volkstag must also approve legislation originating in the Bundesrat.


The Volkstag was established on 1 August 2020, with the enactment of the Constitutional Reform Act of 2020, which transformed the Reichsversammlung from a unicameral body, as it had been since independence in 2014, to a bicameral one. The Reichsversammlung as of the date of the enactment of the amendment was transformed into being the Volkstag, with the only change being the removal of the seat of the ervecysarich, the heir to the Abeldane throne.



A term of the Volkstag lasts 6 months, unless cut short by a snap election.

Presiding officers

The Volkstag is presided over by the Speaker of the Volkstag, who is a member of the chamber, elected by the other members. A speaker serves until resignation or until they are challenged. The speaker sets the agenda for each meeting, and is tasked with presiding over and keeping order during a session. They are aided in their duties by 3 deputy speakers, also elected by the Volkstag.


The table below lists parties currently represented in the Volkstag.

Name Ideologies Leader Jun. 2020 result Current seats
Votes (%) Seats
NRGU National Royalists - The Green Union
Nationale Köningstreue - Die Grüne Union
Royalism Patrick Renwick 52.6%
7 / 14
6 / 13
C Confederals
Confederalism Connor Stumperth 31.6%
4 / 14
5 / 13
LF Liberty Front
Front für Freiheit
Liberalism Brandon Wu 15.8%
2 / 14
2 / 13

Composition and seats

All twelve elected seats are currently delegated by the party list electoral system, in which Abeldane citizens vote for political parties. Then, the votes are proportionally used to determine how many seats each political party will get in the Volkstag. The number of seats in the Volkstag is determined by the Monarch.


Elected MP Party State Took office Seat # Notes
Connor Stumperth Confederals  Kingdom of Tusmore 4 February 2019 1 Speaker
Andrew Irons Liberty Front  Grand Duchy of Alexander 10 February 2020 2
Ashley Jaax Confederals  Grand Duchy of Rai 5 July 2020 3 Deputy Speaker
Patrick Renwick National Royalists  Demirelia 12 October 2019 4 Vorsitzender
Anthony Clark National Royalists  Kingdom of Morgannwg 1 August 2020 5
Chase Nanatovich Confederals  Kingdom of Tusmore 5 July 2020 6
Nicolas Millan National Royalists  Alenshka 7 January 2019 7
Newton von Uberquie National Royalists  Kingdom of Morgannwg 1 August 2020 8 Stellvertreter
Matthew von Uberquie National Royalists  Kingdom of Morgannwg 1 August 2020 9
Tarik Karjasari Confederals  Grand Duchy of Rai 5 July 2020 10
Brandon Wu Liberty Front  Kingdom of Tusmore 5 July 2020 11 Leader of the Opposition
Zabëlle Skye National Royalists  Kingdom of Morgannwg 1 August 2020 11
Imperial Representative
Thomas Bainbridge Confederals  Kingdom of Tusmore 5 September 2020 13