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Federal Council
14th Reichsversammlung
Coat of arms of the Bundesrat
Term limits
1 year
Founded1 August 2020 (2020-08-01)
James Frisch, D
since 13 September 2020
Deputy President
Ashley Jaax, C
since 13 September 2020
Seats6 BRs
Political groups
HIM Government (4):
  •   National Royalists (3)
  •   Democratic (1)

HIM Loyal Opposition (1):

Vacant (1):

  •   Vacant (1)
(Decided by each state)
Meeting place

The Bundesrat (literally "Federal Council", in German), is the upper chamber of the Reichsversammlung, the legislature of the Abeldane Empire. Its membership consists of 1 representative from each state, who are selected by processes individually decided by their respective State.

The Bundesrat is responsible for ensuring state representation in the legislative process. Acts passed by the lower chamber, the Volkstag, require the approval of the Bundesrat to become law. Legislation can originate in the Bundesrat, in which case the Volkstag must also approve said legislation.


The Bundesrat was established on 1 August 2020, with the enactment of the Constitutional Reform Act of 2020, which transformed the Reichsversammlung from a unicameral body, as it had been since independence in 2014, to a bicameral one.



Terms for members of the Bundesrat are 1 year, with the terms staggered so half the chamber are selected every half year.

Presiding officers

The Bundesrat is presided over by the President of the Bundesrat.


The table below lists parties currently represented in the Volkstag.

Name Ideologies Leader Current seats
NRGU National Royalists - The Green Union
Nationale Köningstreue - Die Grüne Union
Royalism Patrick Renwick
3 / 6
C Confederals
Confederalism Connor Stumperth
1 / 6
LF Liberty Front
Front für Freiheit
Liberalism Brandon Wu
0 / 6

Composition and seats

Each federal state of the Empire receives 1 representative in the Bundesrat. The states individually decide the mode of election and/or appointment of their representatives in the Bundesrat. The Imperial Representative in the Volkstag holds a non-voting seat in the Bundesrat, as representative of the Imperial Capital of Kaiserstadt.


Bundesrat Federal Party State Party State Took office Notes
Nicolas von Uberquie y Millan National Royalists Green Royalists  Alenshka 30 August 2020
Carl von Joseph Werzberg National Royalists Royalist  Grand Duchy of Alexander 10 September 2020
Patrick Renwick National Royalists None  Demirelia 15 August 2020
James Frisch None Democratic  Kingdom of Morgannwg 5 September 2020 President
Ashley Jaax Confederals Batu  Grand Duchy of Rai 15 August 2020 Deputy President
Vacant N/A N/A  Kingdom of Tusmore N/A
Non-voting Representative
Thomas Bainbridge Confederals None  Kaiserstadt 5 September 2020 Imperial Representative