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Earth's Kingdom
Earth's Kingdom Firts Flag.png
Flag of Earth's Kingdom
Earth's Kingdom's arms.png
Arms of Earth's Kingdom

Unitum et Liberi
Free and United
World Royal Anthem
Op.6 No.1-2, Antonio Di Martino
Capital cityEarth's City
Largest cityMartinopoli
Official language(s)All the languages of the World
Most spoken: English, Italian.
Official religion(s)All the religions of the World
Most practiced: Christianity.
Short nameEarth's Kingdom
DemonymWorld citizen (English)
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- KingAntonio I
- King's AdviserGianmarco Buomprisco
- Head of GovernmentGerardo Di Tore
LegislatureGreen and Blue Commission
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 5
- Last election - 20 April 2020
Established18 April 2020 (actual)
Population51 (non residents)
CurrencyEarth's Lire
Time zoneall
Founding member of the United Micronations Organization

Official Instagram
Official Discord

The Earth's Kingdom, officially the Humanity and Earth's Kingdom, is a peaceful Micronation without any territorial claim, and is ideally located in the various areas of the world. The purpose of this micronation is to group all the civilizations and cultures scattered around the Earth into a single large family: that of Humanity.
The Earth's Kingdom is the founding member of the United Micronations Organization with the aim of agreeing all the micronations in order to establish eternal peace.


The Earth's Kingdom takes the name from its main purpose, which is to group all humanity into one nation.


The Earth's Kingdom was founded on 18th April 2020 by Antonio Di Martino, helped by a small group of friends to develop and organize it. Also on April 18, Antonio was named King of the Earth's Kingdom under the name of Antonio I.

Ideally, the Kingdom was founded in Campania, and, as citizens from various nationalities increase, it will expand over the various territories of origin of the population. For example, if an Italian citizen acquires citizenship of the Kingdom, it will expand on the territory of his origin.

The first steps

On 19, 20 and 21 April elections were held for the King's Adviser, the Head of Government and the various Ministers.
On 21 April, following the meeting of the King, the King's Adviser, the Head of Government and a witness, the Official Constitution was published.
On 22 April morning, the King was published, following an urgent meeting with the Minister of Nobility, the "List of Nobility Titles" (Constitution, Art. 13), which may be deserved.
On 23 April the Earth's Kingdom officially declared its ideal territories.

Referendum on the flag and the Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms most voted in the Referendum
The flag winner of the referendum

On 7 May 2020, the King Antonio I announced that a referendum has been scheduled for the next day, 8 May 2020, concerning the opinion of the population about the national flag and coat of arms.
The referendum has been scheduled starting at 08:00 AM (+1), with closure time at 06:00 PM (+1).
Citizens voted the National Flag and the National Arms here on the sides.
In the Arms, the blue indicates the sea and green indicates the earth, instead the Crowned Earth indicates the etymology of the State's name.
In the Flag, the green indicates the earth, the ocra yellow indicates the sand and the red indicates the fire.
The emblem inside the flag is the Crowned Earth.

Provisional publication of the Constitution

From the 19 April to 21 April 2020, Antonio I, Gianmarco Buomprisco, Gerardo Di Tore and Kemal Alfano got together to write the Constitution, which ended on 21 April afternoon. On the 21st evening it was approved by the Green and Blue Commission and published the following our.

Death of the Minister of Nobility

The Minister of Nobility who was in office (Riccardo Pastore) on 29 April 2020 passed away. This incident greatly affected Antonio I, who dedicated a square to him. Later the elections were held and the winner was Gianmarco Buomprisco, who was already the King's Adviser.

Territory ideal Expansion

The national ideal expansion in 21 April 2020

On 21 April 2020 the ideal territories of the Earth's Kingdom in Campania were made official, but, as citizens from all over the world acquire citizenship, the Kingdom ideally expands throughout the World.

On 2 May 2020 the Kingdom expanded by connecting the exclave to it (attual County of Abria) following the strip of coast.

On 19 May 2020 the Kingdom annexed another piece of land (the current Duchy of Berignano) due to the sudden increase of Citizens (+6).

On 15 June 2020 the Kingdom annexed the County of Prano for the increase of citizens (+4).

Definitive publication of the Constitution

From the 28 May to 31 May 2020, Antonio I and Gianmarco Buomprisco definitely completed the Constitution, which was approved by the Green and Blue Commission and published the 1 June 2020.


The 1 money of Earth's Lire (italian Type)

The economy of the Earth's Kingdom is managed by the Minister of Economy.
The economy is based almost exclusively on the offerings of the population (they are free to donate what they want) and the Royal offers that help the national economy. When a citizen donates to the state, he receives a Noble Title, which varies with respect to the amount donated.
The value of the coin varies according to the amount of donations and support from the King and the population. The Earth's Lire is the national currency, adopted on 19 April 2020. The official exchange rate is 1 E.Lire: 2 Euro.

State-owned Enterprises

Logo of the Administration of the Patrimony

The Earth's Kingdom has actual one State-owned enterprise, the Administration of the Patrimony of the Earth's Kingdom, provisionally managed (for lack of elected officials) by the King.


List of Ministers

Political Parties

National Parties

  • Earth's Democratic Party (E.D.P.)
  • Earth's Unit Party (E.U.P.)
  • Earth's Free Party (E.F.P.)

Other Parties

  • Earth's Anti-Racism Party (E.A.R.P.)
  • Earth's Green Party (E.G.P.)

Administrative divisions

The Earth's Kingdom is currently made up of 2 Macro-Regions: the Agri Felix and the Britex Terram. In the Agri Felix there are 7 Federal States, that are Duchy of Martinopoli, Duchy of Berignano, County of Itrenia, County of Sulbori, County of Boragna, County of Stanzia and County of Abria. In the Britex Terram there are 4 Federal States, that are Duchy of Opellon, County of Foldmere, County of Prano and County of Clasvin.

Emblem Name Created and Added Population State Manager Tipe of management
Capital of the Agri Felix (Earth's Kingdom)
Arms of Martinopoli's Duchy (Earth's Kingdom).png Martinopoli 19 April 2020 8 Antonio I Duchy
Capital of the Britex Terram (Earth's Kingdom)
Arms of Opellon's Duchy (Earth's Kingdom).png Opellon 5 July 2020 1 Antonio I Duchy

To see all Federation Member States go to Administrative Divisions of Earth's Kingdom.



Inside the Earth's Kingdom, all the languages are national .
English is the best known foreign language, and therefore it is mainly used as a language to speak to the population.


Countries (in light blue) from where the population originally comes (Aug 2020)

Earth's Kingdom currently count 51 citizens (October 2020).
The population of the Kingdom is composed by people that comes from different Countries.

Total number of citizens Italy U.K. Arab Spain U.S.A. France
51 16 13 6 4 9 2


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Foreign Relations

The Earth's Kingdom is the founder and part of the United Micronations Organization.
It has excellent relations with North Battipaglia's Kingdom, with the Union of Parthenopean States and with the Kingdom of the Eastern World.

Micronation Mutual help Mutual advices Frequent contacts Mutual exchanges
North Battipaglia's Kingdom Yes check.png Yes check.png Yes check.png X mark.png
Union of Parthenopean States Yes check.png Yes check.png X mark.png Yes check.png
Kingdom of the Eastern World Yes check.png Yes check.png X mark.png X mark.png