Elbonian Parliament

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Elbonische Parlament
1st Elbonian Parliament
Founded24 June 2021
Preceded byPosition established
New session started
24 June 2021
First Vice-President
Second Vice-President
Third Vice-President
Seats10 members
9 voting members official
1 Minister State
Official Parliament (Elbonia).svg
Structure political groups
Structure voting system
Proportional representation Parliamentary confidence
Structure next election
On or before November 2021
Meeting place
Inside of Elbonian Parliament Building.png
Elbonian parliament building
Berg, Burgerland, Elbonia
The Constitution of the Elbonia

The Elbonian Parliament (German : Elbonische Parlament) is the lower house legislature government of Elbonia. The Parliament meets in the Berg, Capital of Berg. All member Elbonian Parliament are elected whom the Next of Minister State too, and the Members Parliament will approves the next cabinet formation as the elected/designate Minister State, not just that the Member Parliament elected the loses Candidates Election, likely will serving as Deputy Minister State. Elbonian Parliament has 10 members, it is all Non-partisan/Independent, but the Minister State would like be a party-list representation in the future.

The Parliament are introducing the passes laws, nation laws, and habitates laws. This is including by of all representate voters people's in Elbonia. The Voters People's must least elect the next members and Minister State or the Leadership in the Parliament (except, Deputy Minister State serving as President too). Minister State had an ceremonially, chief executives, and led-commander armies of the nation. If the Minister State are resigns or passes away, the Deputy Minister State will become as Minister State and dissolve the government in a constructive vote of no confidence, and to dissolve itself and call new elections. Aftermath the results election, may be have another option it if the Parliament has no vote confidence, the members will elect the Strongest Candidates for Minister State and Deputy Minister State.

Parliament on front